I don’t do it enough. I’m like the rest of us in that I get too wrapped up in work, too focused on my over–full email inbox, and too freaked about the dishes I should be doing, the lawn that needs mowing, …. you get the drill.

Check out this cool photo of…. ME! skateboardingI’m really proud of something I’m trying to do more lately, play with my kids. Recently my two oldest got interested in skateboarding. Nope, they aren’t that good yet. But they love it.

Well, as bad as they are, I’m worse. I never skateboarded as a kid, and haven’t really had much interest in it.

But when they enrolled in a skateboarding clinic, I tagged along… with my helmet and pads. :) And when I asked the teachers if I could tag along during the lessons, they were psyched… “We’re all good, bro! Skate away!”

So now I’ve been to the skate park with my kids a couple of times, and plan to keep going. They love it. I love it. And we all love that we are doing it together.

What’s the lesson? Playing with the kids accomplishes so many things:
1. When we play we are “in the moment.” How cool is that?!
2. Your kids will love you for playing with them. And you’ll love the connection you create with them through play.
3. It’s fun! It’ll keep you young at heart… and increase your Humor Quotient.

I just plain don’t play enough; none of us do. But this skateboard thing has been a good reminder for me.

So shut down your computer, pick up you toy, or your skates, or your bike, or your…. skateboard, and play.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor in the Workplace Expert, Advocate of Play

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  1. Kailani
    Kailani says:

    How great is that? Your kids will definitely remember you for this one! What a wonderful bonding adventure!

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

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