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We now present the sixth in a series of video articles about:

How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment

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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here is the video transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery from with another video on maximizing your return on investment with your motivational speaker, your keynote speaker, inspirational speaker, whatever.

Here’s one of the things you want to do: you want to have a plan about how you’re going to use your speaker. And don’t worry, it’s not hard because your speaker should be doing most of the work.

But the question should be led by you, and the first question is really, “What should I have you talk about and what should we do?” And really the conversation I think should go around this, what are the problems your organization is going through, what are the stresses, what are the difficulties? What are the joys? What are the successes? And then based on that how can your speaker help tailor and customize a message that’s just for them?

That’s a really important deal, right? Because you don’t want your speaker just to come in and shoot from the hip; you want them to be providing a motivational speech that’s the kind of speech you’re paying for, that you want, right?

What I like to tell my clients is that if I were hiring a motivational speaker and I was sitting in the back room, I would much rather say instead of, “Oh wow, how lucky that my speaker touched on that, ‘cause that’s really important to my organization,” no. Instead I would prefer to be thinking, “Well of course my speaker just said that because that was part of our plan that we talked about ahead of time.” Get it?

Plan ahead with your motivational speaker for maximum return on your conference investment

All right, so here’s the deal, you really need to have a plan with your speaker.

Sometimes it can be a very complex or sometimes it can be a pretty short game plan, but you want to talk ahead of time about, “How can you, Mr. Prospective Motivational Speaker, help me with my specific needs and my goals and the changes I’m trying to create within my organization? How can you help me get there? What’s your plan?” And then you’ll work on the plan together, deliver a speech and you’ll rock. All right, hope that’s helpful.

My name’s Brad Montgomery, and I’d love to be part of your team and I’d love to make a plan for how we can make your conference or your meeting or your whatever a big rocking success.

So give us a call. Thanks so much for your time. Give us a call, we’ll talk. We’ll make it good. We’ll make it funny. We’ll make it relevant. We’ll make it funny. Did I mention funny? I think I did. We’ll make it funny.

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