People Skills vs. Business Skills

Investing in People Pays Big

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Improved people skills are at the top of the wish list for the majority of businesses hiring me as a motivational speaker.  By the time clients get in touch with me, they have already had a conversation about what their staff could benefit from the most and better people skills are by far the most sought after outcome. What does this really mean?  That most people, including you and me, think that we are better at people skills than we actually are. 

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By the time I’m hired as a speaker for any organization, there has already been a conversation that goes something like this, “should we hire someone who talks about leadership, or time management or productivity? Or should we hire someone like Brad Montgomery who talks about people skills and social support and how we can help grow our people as individuals?”

Fun Fact

Here’s a fun fact—most of the people in my audiences think they need more training in business strategies and tactics. But statistically speaking, those around them think they need to improve people skills. And ironically, when it comes to selecting training, people tend to pick competence building skills for themselves, but choose people skills for those around them.

People Skills Matter

Here’s a spoiler alert—business competency is important, but not entirely sufficient for growing and thriving.  According to the Harvard Business Journal, social support, not business competence, is the key factor in driving both business and educational outcomes.  

Improving the Bottom Line

No matter what type of business you are in, you are working with people and for people. This means that becoming fantastic at projecting warmth and being excellent at social support will improve your bottom line.  Those soft skills will help propel your organization towards success.

What Does This All Mean?

What does this all mean? If you want to improve your business metrics, from productivity to profitability, the surest way to get what you want is to invest in the people around you. Investing in your people pays big.  And who does’t want a big payoff for their investment? 

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Invest in Brad Montgomery today to help those in your organization hone in on their people skills and increase their value to your business.Brad has helped countless people fine tune their people skills, teaching audiences that their positive interactions with others truly have an impact.Brad is an expert in people skills and a truly funny guy who can make your next meeting epic.Call 303-691-0726 to book Brad.

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