There is a guy named Chuck Mettler who knows how to follow his passion. He’s one of those fascinating guys who is always into something new.  If you say, “What have you been doing lately?” to most people, they’ll come up with something lame.

Mona-Lisa“Same old, same old, ya know?”

Chuck doesn’t know.  He is ALWAYS doing something new. Something cool.   Because this guy follows his passion.  And his passion is art.

Check out the latest pieces from chuck.  He makes these super cool art chairs and sells them to fans across the country. They are sturdy, functional, and creative.  But most of all, they look awesome.

What’s my point? I don’t care what you do, but find something — anything! — that helps you have and express, follow and feed your passion.  Bowling? Great.  Keeping a fish tank?  Wonderful.  Music?  You bet.  Remote control cars?  Why not?   I’m just saying that you should do something.   It’ll make you better.

Learn more about Chuck’s furniture art.

Brad Montgomery
Fan of Chuck Metter, Man of Passion, Lover of Cool Stuff

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