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Parks & Recreation Speaker Brad Montgomery recently was a hired to be a funny motivational speaker for their conference in Colorado.

It went well.  I hope you’ll check out this video!

Why did it go well? I’m not sure, but I have some ideas.  After all, I’ve been at this motivational speaking thing for a long time.

Here are some of the top things that I feel are important (both for audiences looking to hire a motivational speakers, and for people wanting to become motivational speakers.)

I was authentic. I’m proud of the fact that the same guy they talked to on the phone, and the same person they had breakfast with is the very same guy on stage.  I’m my true self even when I’m speaking in front of 400 people.

This means I’m not perfect.  I’m told time and time again that one thing audiences appreciate about my keynote is that I tell plenty of stories about how I messed up. I’m not one of those, “I’m amazing…listen to me and you might be amazing too” type of people.  I’m more of a, “We’re on the same journey, let’s see if we can make better sense of it all” kind of speakers.

I’m funny. People need to laugh. Yes, they want to laugh. But I think they need to laugh too. I’ve always been interested in humor and comedy; I’ve studied how to be funny. But lately I’m taking it from more of a “heart” angle.  When I remind myself how much the audience NEEDS some humor, I think it strengthens the connection.  It’s more fun for all of us.

And finally, it sounds sort of “woo woo” but I love my audience.  When I was a younger speaker I used to just try to earn their applause and admiration. But now that I’m older — and at least a tiny bit wiser — I know that if I just go out there, put myself in my audience’s shoes, and love on them everything works out.

Sure the content of my program has to be good.  Yes, I need to be funny.  Yes my keynote has to be well organized. But the most important thing is to connect with my audience.  If I truly connect, the laughter, the “Ah ha’s” and the learning follows.

What do YOU think makes a speaker worth watching?  Leave a comment below.

Thanks Colorado Parks & Rec Association.  It was an honor speaking for you.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Bio of a Motivational Speaker

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