The Orlando Experience

Orlando Experience

Orlando’s 7 Truths for Awesomeness*

scroll down for videoI had the great fortune to meet an amazing guy named Orlando, who delivers epic customer experiences.   He shared his wisdom with me, and now I share it with you.

  • The Golden Rule Baby!   No, he didn’t make this one up, but it’s a doozy.  Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.  Don’t want to work with grumps?  Make sure that you are not grumpy yourself.
  • Ask your customer (or patient or partner or….) what they need, then get it for them.   The best way to get them what they need doesn’t require training or mind reading. You just have to ask.
  • If you don’t know the answer, don’t make it up.  Just tell them you don’t know, and get some help.  Now.orlando
  • Try to understand where your customer (patient, partner, or teammate) is coming from.  For example, if they are headed home from a funeral, they’re going to require a different approach than if they are celebrating a success.
  • See your family in the people you serve.  If it’s a “senior” woman, treat her like your grandmother.  If he looks like you, he’s your brother.  (Or sister, whatever…you know what I mean.)  Treat ‘em like family.
  • Bask in the joy of service.  It’s not only OK to enjoy your job, it’s good for you.  Serving others is what “nourishes” us.   Being awesome to people is what makes our jobs meaningful.
  • Smile.  Other people are watching you to set the tone, be it your customer or your teammates.  Bring an attitude of joy and happiness, and you’ll see that attitude reflected back to you.

•No, Orlando never called them ‘Truths for Awesomeness.”  He’s a humble guy.   I might have taken that teensy liberty. 

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Brad Montgomery is a funny business keynote speaker who uses stories & humor to create an event at your meeting or convention.  In this case, he was a Florida Speaker, but he speaks around the world. He helps companies, associations, and government agencies get the most out of their people by helping them re-ignite their passion, create buy-in, and make people WANT to be their best.