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Online Zoom Keynote Speaker Brad's Virtual Keynotes Explained

Brad has expanded his menu of services. It’s not Cheesecake Factory big, but it’s still pretty big. In this video Brad explains the most common choice — an online virtual motivational keynote.

This is a program that is perfect for clients who just want Brad to handle it.  Turn the meeting over to Brad and he’ll make you — and your audience — very happy.

Brad is convinced the people are not “done with Zoom.” They are done with BAD Zoom. They’re tired of the Same Old Thing. Because Brad has a very fresh, creative and surprising take on Online Presentations, you’re going to be thrilled.

As a virtual keynote speaker for Zoom (Or WebEx, or Teams…you get it), Brad has a couple of jobs. First, he’s got to deliver a message that is helpful to you, your organization, and to your audience. It has to be relevant, meaningful, and backed by science. It needs to be related to business (or healthcare) and your bottom line.

But equally important is Brad’s job of keeping your audience engaged. This keynote has got to be fun. It’s got to be surprising.  It has to be fresh. Because come on; if your audience is doing their email, checking Facebook and painting their nails it doesn’t matter what the message is.  You’ll have wasted your chance.

For all of Brad’s keynotes —online and in person — Brad believes there has to be a framework of entertainment. But with online programs? We’re going to have to step up the fun.

Learn more about this online Zoom keynote speaker, and give us a call. Let’s talk about how we are going to customize an event for you, your audience, your industry and your organization.

Let’s not “put up” with the fact that we are online. Let’s embrace the technology and make your Zoom meeting rock.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Bio of an Online Keynote Speaker

Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery is an award-winning speaker. He speaks to audiences across the globe (and across the USA), and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Brad speaks to ALL industries and professions, be he is especially well known as a funny health care speaker, a sales speaker,  education speaker for teachers, a real estate speaker. He got his start as a magician, but now is primarily hired to be a keynote speaker.

He speaks both at live, in-person events, as well as online and virtually as a motivational speaker. Give us a call.  Let’s hear more about what you’re trying to accomplish with your Zoom or online event, and allow us to propose at least a couple of ideas to make it rock even harder.

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