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Was just in North Carolina speaking for A4 Heath Systems. They provide software to health care companies… medical practices… and wanted me to open up their users’ conference. I was totally impressed…. seemed to me that they were heading up a short course in Customer Appreciation.

They had their users travel in from all over the country to North Carolina to attend this conference, and they wanted to make sure that their customers understood how thankful the company was, and how they really wanted to make an impression that the conference was supposed to be fun. Sure, there was plenty of learning going on. Sure there was a ton of different sessions with plenty of must-learn info.

But they wanted to make absolutely sure that the folks there knew that:
1. They were appreciated.
2. They were going to do their best to make this thing fun.

So they had me… Mr. Funny Motivational Humorist… kick it off.

It was a blast. If they had 1/2 as much fun as I did…. then it was a huge success.

Thanks A4

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