I’m just recently back from doing my motivational speaker thing for the lunch ladies of New York state.  Yeah, they had a fancier name for their association, but heck, they apparently love the name Lunch Ladies.  (Which was especially funny because there are plenty of dude “lunch ladies.”)

They were fun. We laughed. We cried*. We danced.     *Kidding, we didn’t cry.  But yes, we danced.

Check out the evaluations they sent….Yippee!  They had as much fun as I did.

….Yes, I’ll send a letter of recommendation. But I can do better than that- I just received the attendee’s comments from Carol in Albany, and will pass those along for you to use as we are VERY SATISFIED customers!!

Here we go:

Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery was EXCELLENT!!”

“Saturday morning with Brad Montgomery was the best part of the Conference!”

“Very good- Great speaker- Brad Montgomery!!”

“GREAT Conference- Brad Montgomery was WONDERFUL!!”

“Blowing Things Up with Brad Montgomery was my favorite program at Conference- VERY motivating!!”

“#1 favorite program was definitely Brad Montgomery’s General Session!”

“Brad Montgomery delivered an excellent custom-made message to us, using good old fashioned clean, intelligent HUMOR!”

“It was so much fun to listen to (and participate!!) with Brad Montgomery. He is not your typical, (sometimes boring) Conference speaker!!”

So… needless to say, we were so happy YOU were able to join us and contribute so much to our NYSNA Conference 2012 in Niagara Falls!!!

THANK YOU again, Brad-
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