Never Follow A Beef Dinner

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Here’s a question to consider when booking your keynote speaker.  Do you want an entertaining speaker or a high content speaker? It’s a surprisingly complicated question.

I have a hint for you…you want both.

My clients trust me to determine what works best for the crowd at any given time. Whether it’s the opening of a conference when everyone is fresh and receptive, or after a heavy meal at the end of a long conference when the audience is spent from the day and sluggish from that awesome beef dinner.

Content Overload

Content is crucial for conferences—people need and demand relevant information.  But when it comes to your keynote speaker, too much content can be a mistake. Most of your audience are too tired and overwhelmed to put ALL of that info to work in a meaningful way.  

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Here’s secret: most audiences aren’t craving new information.  Instead, they are craving a way to make sense of what they already know.  

The Balance Between the Steak and the Sizzle

My goal is always to create an experience that is meaningful for all.  It’s not all content.  If audiences are looking at their phones, not listening, and having a hard time focusing, it’s a wasted opportunity for all.  But it’s also not all entertainment.  They want to be engaged…but they don’t need a comedian. 

There’s always a balance to strike when creating a meaningful experience that sticks.  It has to be delivered in a way that is engaging enough that audiences want to listen, and also entertaining enough to make the message memorable.  But it also needs to help your audience understand their lives, their organization and their goals better. 

My intention is to always deliver a program that is something audiences refer to well after the meeting is over. And that goal is not possible with just a high content training – it also requires the characteristics of a good motivational speaker.

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Location, Location, Location

The location (or timing) of the keynote within your meeting is another factor relevant to choosing the right balance between entertainment and content.  As an example, I know that a keynote speaker has to be more entertaining after dinner.  Pie charts and drinking just don’t mix.  I love finding the right mix between entertainment and content and bringing the highest value possible to my clients.

You spent a lot of time and energy providing your audience with a great conference filled with relevant information.  My goal is always to find that perfect balance in the moment and deliver lasting impact that extends well beyond the conference.

Brad Montgomery has been giving entertaining and thought provoking motivational speeches for almost three decades.  Brad’s customized speeches leave audiences with information and techniques that they can put to work immediately for lasting change and increased productivity.  All with laughter as a backdrop.  Call Brad today at 303-691-0726 to find out how to make your next meeting epic. You can also call that number to hear a pig oink.

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