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Yup, I’m a Colorado magician, and work all the time for corporate and association audiences performing my magician / comedian thing. But to be honest, nothing has made me so proud as watching my eldest daughter do some magic at a birthday party for her sister (my youngest kid).
colorado magicians
Claire did some killer magic, fooled the kids, and did herself proud.

And yup, the hat was a nice touch.

Need a corporate comedian magician? I’d love to be your guy. And if I’m booked? Call Claire.

Brad Montgomery
Magician, Comedian, Proud Papa


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  1. Mary (Mert)
    Mary (Mert) says:

    Congratulations! that is so wonderful that she wanted to perform at her sisters party, too cute! Here from the CFL.

  2. Donna Cutting
    Donna Cutting says:


    That’s adorable!! It brings back memories for me. :-)

    Thanks for your recent post. Right back at you!

    Donna Cutting

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