I have a great job.  I love being a motivational speaker.  I love using my comedian skills to make groups laugh while they learn.   And I love meeting with and working with new people.

I also love giving stuff away.   I sell a program called Hooked on Humor, which is a one-year subscription to an audio series about how to use humor as a tool at work and at home.

But heck… in the spirit of merry and ho, I thought it would be fun to just give some away.


Enjoy it.  What do I want as a gift from you? Leave a comment, and tell me what you think!    Cheers!

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Giver of Gifts, Blogger

3 responses to “My Free Gift to You for the New Year”

  1. “…happily ever laughter.” Very creative! Happiness is a choice, I’ve often said it myself. A smile is contagious, spread it around!

  2. James Piscioneri says:

    Always a BIG FAN of you stuff!!
    I have talked with you in the past and was in your Humor College.I would love to talk again about all the GREAT stuff your up to.
    My Contact info is
    Jim Piscioneri
    (AKA PISH)
    Home # 360-435-4933
    Cell # 425-308-4374
    6110 S.R. 530 N.E.
    Arlington WA. 98223

    Let’s TALK
    Your Raving FAN!

  3. The world needs more of this & more Brads – then the so-called credit crunch would disappear into the thin air it was created from …

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