I’m regularly asked who my favorite comedians are. To be honest, my favorite comedians change. I love Ellen. And I love Dane Cook. And I love Bill Cosby.

But I just saw another of my favorites on a DVD: comedian Eddie Izzard in his DVD Definite Article.

I’m tellin’ ya, he’s a genius! And histerical. I love that he is often so completely surreal. And that he is such a great actor…. in his own goofy way. (Eddie acts out his jokes to the nth degree… his jokes are funny, but his “act outs” are awesome.

And I love his “chatty” style. It just seems that he is talking to his audience. Sure, it is prepared comedic material. But it appears so natural. So… chatty.

If you’re a fan of comedy. If you’re a fan of humor, and are willing to think… check out one of Eddie Izzard’s shows.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Government Speaker, Fan of Eddie Izzard

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