My 1st Ever (and AWFUL) Live Stream.

Online Motivational Speaker

Why Put Up Something That Is So Bad?

I’m a believer in learning curves.  I believe you can’t be good until you are bad first.  And I believe my clients understand these concepts too.

I started learning about Live Streaming (Facebook Live and YouTube Live) at the beginning of the pandemic.  Tons of watching videos, learning new software, and how to work the camera.

At some point though, you have to stop studying and start doing.  So I decided to go live.  I needed live practice.  I needed experience.  And if I waited until I was ready I’d NEVER be ready.  So I did it.

Well, now you get to see it.

I’ve talked with my fellow motivational keynote speakers and we argue about whether to keep up on YOUTUBE your out-of-date videos.  Stuff you are not proud of. Stuff you’ve out grown.  Stuff that makes you cringe.

I believe in keeping it up.  I’m proud that if you dig into my Youtube history you can see a very clear learning curve. You can see growth.  You can see polish and improvement.  And I think my clients appreciate it.

Nobody was as good at the start of their career as they are when they mature.  And motivational speaking is the same. You practice.  You pay your dues.  You work. And you get better.

So with that I mind, I decided to publish this first Live Stream.  No I’m not proud of it.  But I hope, when I look back on this video in 15 years to be proud of my growth.

WORST EVER 1st ever live stream

Nope…it isn’t pretty.  But here’s my first attempt at live streaming.  It’s ok;  you can laugh.

Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Like you, Brad has been learning a ton of new things in this pandemic.  Besides offering up frequent live streams, he is a virtual online motivational speaker. And of course, he is still a live, up-on-the-stage motivational speaker as well.

Whatever your event is, live or virtual, give us a call and we’ll talk about how Brad can help you make your meeting the best meeting possible.

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