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t can when Mike Rayburn is on stage. Mike Rayburn is an entertainer – meets – musician – meets -motivational – speaker based in Florida.

Mike and I have teamed up with me in two books: Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the of laughter, AND Humor Us: Americian’s funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

Really, the most impressive thing to me about Mike is not that his a gifted musician, or that is he is a great corporate entertainer, or that he works clean, or that he is a great comedian. My favorite thing about Mike is that his is a perfectionist. He is totally willing to go the extra mile with everything he does.

He was a total control freak with his chapters in these books; and the books are better because of it. He works hard to control every punchline, every pause, and every nuance of his act. And his programs are better because of it.

Best of all? He is a really good guy. I’m glad we are friends.

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