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Magician SPEAKER

Magician Speaker with BUSINESS wisdom: Brad Montgomery

A Magician Reveals the Secrets to Getting What You Want Out of Life

Magician Speaker Delivers Humorous Motivation!Do members of your group think success

Magician speaker

Magician Speaker

in life depends on the luck of the draw? Not so, says magician speaker Brad Montgomery. Instead of just hoping and praying for a good hand to come our way, we can actually tilt the odds in our favor by Stacking Our Deck.

Business Message: Seriously Funny Presentation!

“First Class! Wonderful and humorous message. My face still hurts from laughing so hard”
Alzheimer’s Association

Business Wisdom From Brad’s Perspective as a Magician Speaker

Brad has a very unusual background:  he has been a magician and comedian since he was a kid.  Literally.  But now, among other things, Brad is a successful business owner, podcaster, author and hall of fame business speaker.  And in this business keynote Brad draws on his perspective audiencelaughblackwoman2as a magician to present a wonderfully fresh outlook for anybody looking to get more from work or life.

Brad offers specific – and very humorous – techniques we can use to create our own success. Brad Montgomery is a very successful business person;  he has owned and run his own business for over 20 years;  he’s a blogger, author, speaker, and even a software developer.

He has some very specific and very strong ideas about what makes us succeed.   Brad’s interpretation of these universal “secrets for success”  is humorous, informative and inspiring as he motivates us to make ourselves happier and healthier, more efficient and productive, and more successful both at work and at home.

If you’re looking for a keynote that contains both hard hitting business wisdom that will help your people get more out of themselves and those around you, and if you believe that people listen more when their speaker is entertaining, than this keynote is for you.

A Humorous Keynote that Uses Magic?  Magician Speaker Brad!

Yup. But more than magic, there’s humor. Laugh-out-Loud Humor. Because people learn best when they’re having fun, Brad mixes in a healthy dose of his Award-Winning magic and comedy to illustrate these profound, life-changing – and business changing – truths.

Brad covers:

  • Risk Taking and Failure (And how it affects our business)
  • Why having fun at work is crucial to creating success.
  • Happiness is first; success is second.  (Not the other way around.)
  • How to focus on what is in front of you (even when it seems impossible)
  • Humor in our Workplace

Magician Speaker

So, if you’re hoping and praying for a humorous magician speaker to inspire and motivate, to entertain and train; if you’re looking for a humorous  keynote speaker that is jammed with audience participation, then lucky you, your ship just came in. You’re looking for Brad’s Stack Your Deck For Success.

What is a magician speaker?

Brad is a motivational speaker with national credits and clients who just happens to also be a very funny magician. In Stack Your Deck Brad draws on his background as a magician to create an experience your group will love. Organizations love to learn from brad’s wisdom and business experience while they are being engaged and entertained by the magic.

Audience Participation?

You betcha. Big time. With Brad your meeting will never be the same — in all the best ways. They will learn best because they are laughing. They’ll visually engaged with the magic. And all along they’ll get tip, tricks, tactics and techniques they’ll adopt immediately.

Conventions with Magic as a Theme

Often Brad’s meeting planners want to create a theme around magic.  For example, “The Magic of Success,” or “A Fresh Magical Start.”   Heck, we’re biased.  Brad’s perfect for all audiences.  (Ok, nearly all audiences… He’s not perfect for people who are looking for a woman speaker from India or a Bob Sled champion from the Yukon.  But you get the drift… We think he’d be perfect for you.)  But if you’ve got a magician or magical theme, Brad is PERFECT.  Business wisdom delivered with laugh-out-loud funny laughter and magic.  Good magic.  Award winning magic.

Are you ready to amp up your next event? Book Brad Now! Go to the contact page.

Many clients who want to increase their return on investment when they hire Brad to present his keynote.  Perhaps after dinner you need an entertainer?  Have Brad present his Freshly Brewed Magic & Comedy for your meeting.  It’s awesome…your audience already loves Brad from his Keynote.  And then after dinner they’ll love him more as he leave’s (most of) the wisdom behind and goes right for the feel good, crystal clean entertainment.

Video of Brad’s work as a straight-forward magician.

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