Got Mirth? How to Be Funny Like a Comedian

brad montgomery live

Got Mirth? Milking your material for all the humor it’s worth.

Does your sales force need some help presenting? Got a group of folks who speak to other groups? Think that humor can improve their bottom line? Read on!

Brad Montgomery uses his skills as a corporate entertainer, comedian and magician to convey a message. In this very funny program Brad will both demonstrate and discuss humor techniques that you can apply to your programs not only to make your programs funnier, but to increase the connection between you and your audiences.

Excellent for sales groups, marketing groups, or any group who wants to learn how to add humor to their presentations.

Among the techniques Brad will discuss are:
Why humor is important to you and your program.
How to use interview skills to improve the connection between you and your audience and to maximize laughter. (Ask questions; get laughs.)
Five questions to ask your audience that lead to laughs.
Tips for handling audience volunteers
How far can (and should) you go to push the Envelope?
What to do when your humor fails
How to be witty, creative and impromptu even when you aren’t.
When to stick with your prepared material and when to jump ship.
The single best way to make sure your jokes are funny.

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