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Ask him to do more than just the standard keynote.  Ask him to make sure he doesn’t do all the talking — because people learn best when they are involved.   Ask him to make sure your folks talk to each other — because they learn best when they are teaching.  Ask him to create an experience where your people enjoy working with each other.   Ask him to create something unforgettable.  Ask him to do an expanded keynote.

What is an Expanded Keynote?

According to Websters, it’s…ok, you got us, it’s not in the dictionary.  Yet.  It is a word Brad made up to describe this very special and unique blend of a traditional keynote (where the speaker does the talking and the audience does listening),  team building experiences, together with  facilitated conversation about how all of these crazy things wrap up together and connect to our lives.  And our jobs.

  • Keynote  (Brad talks, they listen)
  • Team Building Exercises (where they participate, laugh and learn)
  • Facilitated Conversation (This is the Big Payoff!)

you will notice the three different modes. But the audience will feel like it is just one big blended experience. They will love it. They will “get it.” They will thank you for setting it up.

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We know that adult learners cannot sit and learn at their best while listening to a speaker for 60 minutes straight. Yet this is the format we accept as normal.

Brad recognizes that people learn best when they move, think, interact, and are involved. So this session is interaction on steroids.

All three sections are important. It’s crucial that your people hear Brad talk so that they can understand what he believes, learn to trust him, and get a sense for where they are going.

In the second session it will look to any normal person as though we are doing team-building games. Granted, they are AWESOME, Brad-style exercises that they have never done before.  But it will look to the average observer speaking in that we are building teams. You will see laughter, high-fives, applause, and tons of smiles. You will see people go from slightly out of their comfort zone to All-In-Awesome.

But the third section is where we get the payoff. In the section Brad basically asks them, “Why are we doing this? What’s the point?”  And this is the part where Brad shuts up. He’s quiet. He lets them work through the value of working with the team and doing crazy things.

You’ll be surprised by what people come up with. They’ll talk about the importance of natural leadership, the value of aggressive listening, and the importance of taking ourselves less seriously while taking what we do extremely seriously. They will make deep and profound connections based on what superficially appears as fluffy exercises.

And because people trust their own data more than anybody else’s, because of the way Brad lays out this experience the learning is extreme.  Yes,  you could hand them an article and tell them what is important. Yes, Brad could teach them what he feels they should understand from his sessions.

But because they are discovering these truths for themselves the take away sticks. They believe it. They understand it. They have felt it.


How Much Time Do We Need?

More is better. Brad’s preferred time for the expanded keynote is 2.5 to 3 hours.   He has done it in less and he has done it in more.  But 2.5 feels perfect.

Path 30

I never would have believed my doctors would go for the animal balloon thing…. but it was a HUGE success. Brad really understands how to handle an audience.

— Kathleen M, Pennsylvania Hospital

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Yes Brad customizes every program. But because this program is created by and for your own people… It is the epidemic of customization. The takeaways and learning points cannot possibly be more customized because they are being created on the go by the people who will use them.

Want your  People to experience an event more than a speech? Do you feel like they’ve been sitting too long at your meeting or convention and need something special to step up the energy? Looking for a proven method to take your team to where they deserve to be? Sure you are. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can get Brad in front of your audience.

Yeah it’s a keynote.  Yeah it’s a seminar.  Yeah it’s a session where EVERYBODY is the star.  Call today and we’ll set it up.

Team Building Speaker Brad Montgomery is one of the United States’ Top Motivational Speakers.  He creates funny keynotes, seminars, and one-of-a-kind events to help make your meeting a RAVING success.    

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