Beyond the Keynote: Office Chair Dance

Looking for a non-traditional way to celebrate a small section of your organization — the Board, the committee, the first-timers, the Past Presidents, etc??  Eager for something to energize your event?  Something they’ll Facebook and text home?  Something they’ll talk about LONG after the event is over?  You’ve found it:  Brad’s Office Chair Dance.

The prep:  we spend 60-120 minutes teaching and practicing with your chosen few.  Five to ten people. Or more. Or less…we can make it work.  We teach them a super-simple, easy-to-learn synchronized routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller… A routine that they’ll love learning as much as the audience will love seeing.  What makes it unique?  In case having your Board dance to Thriller wasn’t enough, we put them in rolling office chairs.


They love the experience.  It’s team-building on steroids … But with a huge payoff.  Later, after we dress them up a bit, they come out on stage in front of your entire crew, the music busts out with a song they LOVE,  (admit it, you still love Thriller, you know you do)  and BOOM, they start THE synchronized routine.

(You might be thinking, “But Hey! Our people can’t dance!”  But they can do THIS dance.  We make it so easy that ANYBODY can do it.  And we’ve cleverly lowered the required skill by incorporating the office chairs … Everybody looks like a dancer when you’re twirling in sync with your mates in a chair.)

Your audience hoots, laughs, claps and howls.  The group on stage nails it, feels great, and accepts their huge ovation.

The result?  The small group is bonded for life.  They’ve had a blast. And they’ll NEVER forget it.  And your audience?  They’ll be energized, hyped, and ready to learn.  They’ll be ready to get the most out of your meeting or convention.

All you need to do is to provide the matching, rolling office chairs.  We come in, teach the routine, set them up for success, and let them rock.

Call today to set up this totally unique, fun, interactive and engaging event.

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