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Brad and Orlando chatting on stage at Florida Event
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A High-Energy Answer to the Panel Discussion

You need a professional panel moderator.  Brad is your guy.

Yes, panel discussions work. Yes they can be well-received. But let’s face it; they can easily stall, have dead space, stall and be boring. The info is good; the energy can be lacking. And when the energy lags, so does the learning and the retention.

Solution: Brad Montgomery’s Punched-Up Panel Palooza

It’s a high-energy, creative and upbeat way to share best practices from your top achievers (or leadership) with the rest of your team. Brad facilitates and hosts a panel discussion of your top achievers.

Brad draws on his deep experience as host, emcee, podcast interviewer … and of course comedian … to make sure both the learning and the energy on high.

He’ll keep your panelist on track.  He’ll make them look like rock stars.  And he’ll make sure the audience gets extreme value from the event.

Panelists love him because he takes the pressure off, sets the tone, and makes sure they come off like the experts they are. You’ll love him because panels can be either a fantastic addition to your event or a horrible boring waste of time. Brad will help make sure you get the former— and avoid the latter.

Teaching + Learning + Fun = A Successful Meeting

(Translation: People learn best when they are laughing.)

What Do Brad’s Clients About Brad Moderating Their Panel?


Here are just a few things I appreciated about the way you hosted our panel”

  • It was very apparent that you had done some pre-work/rehearsal with the group.  I think that is very important to a successful time on stage.  Many people think they can wing it and that is just not true.  Our team could have used that but they were focused elsewhere.
  • Very good job of introducing individual before they took the stage.  It makes them feel special.
  • I really liked how you started on stage and then blended into the audience and walked through the audience but were not a distraction.  Now it would be a bit different in a theater or classroom setting but you could still wander the aisles.  I really liked the room set in crescent rounds.
  • We really should have had another mic runner for questions but you handled that really well.  I liked how you work with a hand-held mic instead of a lav mic.
  • I really appreciate how you were cognizant keeping the meeting on time.  That is really important to planners, thank you.
  • And most of all you kept things focused on the panel and the topic at hand.  And you kept things moving.  There were no dead spots, dead air as we used to say in the radio business.  I have a Broadcast Journalism degree.  It just flowed.

I think that is all I have to add.  I really appreciate how much you added to the success of our Partner Summit.  THANK YOU!

Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.  Take care.

Greg Slaight
Director, Meetings & Incentives
GlobauxSource Meetings