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Ordinary Magic. The Funny Business of Enjoying Life

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Business speaker Brad Montgomery helps your group to see that real magic happens in their lives— and their jobs —  everyday. Magic doesn’t have to mean vanishing tigers and floating women; sometimes finding magic is as easy as stopping to smell the flowers. Or lingering over the funny pages. Or getting in the short line at the grocery store. Or finishing a work project on time.

The more we celebrate this type of magic, the more we’ll enjoy our lives. At work. And at home.

The message of this funny keynote speech is simple: Life is Fun & Funny. And filled with Magic!

Learning to rediscover the magic in our lives helps us to live well, to be well, and even to work well. Brad covers some specific – and very funny – techniques to remind ourselves that life is astonishing.

“First Class Business Speaker! Powerful and useful message! My face still hurts from laughing so hard” — Alzheimers Association

It makes sense in our hearts that we ought to invest some energy to figure out how to make our lives — especially our time at work — more fun. When we are enjoying ourselves, we are more creative, more customer service oriented, recruitment and retention is easier and more natural, and in the end we accomplish more.

“When we are in a good mood, we get more of what we want.”
— Business Speaker Brad Montgomery

And in this very funny motivational keynote, Brad helps us with three very specific tactics for getting in and staying in an upbeat good mood.   Attitude is such a simple concept, but it’s not easy to always have a good one.   (Just because we know we are a grumpy sourpuss doesn’t mean we can alway snap out of it.)   But with Brad’s help, your group will be SLAMED into a high-energy great mood, and will leave with tips and techniques how to take that good mood with them throughout the rest of the meeting, back to their families, and most importantly, back with them to work.

This program is inspirational, informational and very funny. Laugh-out-loud funny. Jammed with audience participation, humor, magic and … most especially… take-away content. Perfect for groups looking for a very entertaining program with a powerful message that will change your people.

If you’re looking for a motivational keynote speaker who will have your group on the edge of their seats, infuse them with WAY more energy than they came with, and make a super strong connection between that experience and their goals at work, then you’ve found the guy.  And this keynote is the right speech for you and your audience.

A business speaker disguised a a humorist speaker.

Brad shows ’em how to find the Magic: at Work and in Life. He sneaks profound lessons in-between the punchlines; in-between the tricks.

This program is perfect for opening or closing the convention. Or for somewhere in-between. He’ll make ’em feel happy and hopeful about themselves, the meeting and the future.

“People Learn Best When They Are Laughing.”

Special shows “Just For Us!”

Brad customizes his presentation for your group and your needs. Sure, he’ll create some customized humor and comedy targeted JUST for your group. Don’t be surprised with your people ask you, “How did he know that stuff?”  Woven into his program are quips about The Buzz around your Water Cooler. Your biggest competitor. The little stuff that stresses them out the most. The tiny stuff that they like to complain about the most. The executive who is late for meetings.

But Brad will of course hit the big stuff too. What is it you want to accomplish from this time block in your meeting or convention?  What is it YOU need your people to hear?  Brad will work to make certain that you can sit in the back row and think, “Yup, I told Brad to cover this.” (Which is way better than sitting in the back row hoping that Brad covers the types of information your people need most.)

Brad’s shows are unique because your audience is unique. And your audience will see that this program is just for them, just for that day, and just for that time. And they’ll love you for finding Brad.

Make your life simple. Just Book Brad

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Who is this business speaker?

Brad Montgomery is a motivational comedian speaker with a message. Using his own blend of Hilarious humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad reminds us that our lives are supposed to be fun and funny. Great for opening or closing the convention, or even for the after-dinner entertainment. “Because People Learn Best When They Are Laughing.”

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