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We’ve found:

  • Your attendees come to your meetings in large part for the networking.
  • Many hate networking.
  • They don’t know how to network, so it makes them uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. (Let’s admit it; it stresses some of them out.)
    Their return on investment for your meeting hinges partly on their ability to network. Yet they’ve never been taught the skills.

Lucky you, we have the answer: Brad Montgomery’s Caffeinated Networking On Steroids! It’s like one of those tiny energy drinks in that it will give your organization the quick shot of energy to get the networking started. (Only it isn’t bad for you and doesn’t come in a can.)

Of course. He’s an expert in energizing meetings, and one of the things he offers is an amazing networking segment. It’s funny — like

everything Brad does. But it’s killer information that your folks crave — how to easily network and make it fun.

Networking Speaker VIDEO

See the video to get the feel about how this networking event can look. Spoiler:  Brad is so much more than a motivational speaker.


What is Caffeinated Networking On Steroids?

It is either a stand-alone segment that you can insert anywhere in your meeting or conference — though it makes the most sense to put it near the very beginning. Or Brad can work it into one of his other programs. Heck, some clients ask Brad to put it IN his keynote speech, and that works well too.

There are three parts:

  • Brad teaches the basic concept of networking: it doesn’t have to be you facing a room full of people you don’t know then be forced to go meet them. It can be much more fun — and effective if you know the right mental approach. Brad takes the stress out of the networking equation by helping your audience see that if they approach networking with the right attitude, it becomes much easier, way more successful, and ten times more fun. And he does it with laughs!
  • Brad teaches some really simple, repeatable techniques that your audience will love. When Brad asks, “Would you like it if I gave you the Silver Bullet Question that will help you easily start a conversation anywhere anytime with anybody?” you can imagine the response. They love it. So Brad gives them some easy conversation starters that they will be using — and laughing about — during the entire conference. You can count on the notion that while they are laughing, they WILL be taking notes because these nuggets are solid gold. (Ok, not really gold, but you know what we mean.)
  • Brad has them actually get out of their seats and practice what they’ve just learned. This instant audience interaction creates two outcomes. First, they will have practiced what they learned, which helps with retention. Second, it means that by the end of Brad’s session — before the first coffee break even — your people will leave with the confidence and the skills to network starting NOW. They’ve already met some people they can have lunch with, talk over coffee with, or meet in the bar. (Hey, it happens.)

Equally important, they’ll leave with skills they can implement immediately to make sure your conference is a huge success for them from a networking perspective.

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funny networking speaker who is already at your conference to do the motivational keynote speech. Looking to get more bang for your buck? Talk to Brad about Caffeinated Networking On Steroids.

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Yup, Brad Montgomery is a funny business motivational speaker who offers WAY more than just the keynote.  He is a motivational speaker who knows how to make your meeting or convention successful.  He helps business with the PEOPLE side of the equation.  In this case he helps organizations create events where networking is not only allowed, but facilitated.  Contact us at 303.691.0726 for more info. 


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