Motivational Speaker Seminar | A 1/2 Day with Brad Montgomery

They won't be sitting for three hours.

They won’t be sitting for three hours.

Motivational Workshops & Seminars Brad-Style

Many of our clients ask us, “What exactly does Brad DO during a longer seminar or workshop format?”

Excellent question.  Here’s what:

Goal:  the goal for the full-day seminar would be to have attendees learn:

• The strategic value of happiness at work. Happy people outperform their unhappy counterparts. Happy people, for example, are 25% more productive.  What would it mean to your leadership if they could get 25% more out of their teams?

Happy people are better at dealing with change. Without asking, I know that your leadership is dealing with a ridiculous amount of change.

• Each of us has a much greater ability to control our own happiness than we

Fun, Interactive, and Relevant

Fun, Interactive, and Relevant

think. Independent of the stresses of work, we can shape our own attitudes. (This is a fact based on science.)

• Happiness can be broken down into steps that are teachable and learnable. These steps are often surprisingly simple, although they are rarely easy. Brad will teach several specific techniques – again proven by science – that we all can use to increase our own level of well-being and quality of life.

• Happiness for starts at the top. This leadership team needs to do more than understand happiness… They need to act on it. The people in the room will be inspired afunny motivational speakernd motivated to take responsibility for influencing and building up those people around them. They will have specific ideas about how to improve themselves and those around them.


We will have several components to each day.

1. Keynote. A portion of the day will be dedicated to Brad doing most of the talking. He will teach the business value of happiness, the science that proves we can all control our ofunny motivational seminarwn happiness independent of, for example, The ACA.  Brad will teach specific techniques that people will be able to adopt immediately to improve their own happiness and that of their teams.

This portion of the day is crucial. It helps set the tone, relaxes people and gets them to trust Brad, and conveys information efficiently.

2. Hands-on experiential learning. This is where we break your leaders into small groups and take them through the process where they will experience levity and fun while having to step outside of their own personal comfort zones.

The result will be an increase of energy, volume, and excitement. You will see applause, high fives, laughter and smiles. They will really enjoy themselves.

3. Facilitated discussion.

In order to get the most out of the experiences we will need to debrief what happened. Why was that fun?  What happened in the room to create a culture that promoted lightheartedness? In spite of the fact that we all started outside of our comfort zone, why were these exercises so successful in the end?

Brad feels that this section is the meat of the day. This is the payoff. This is where people are able to formulate their own ideas about happiness at work. By deconstructing the exercises we create portable action steps that they will use with their teams to continue happiness beyond this day. This is where they understand that happiness is not a concept… Happiness is something they can take responsibility for and share.

Facilitating a discussion is powerful because it means that your people will come up with their own wisdom. Because people tend to believe their own data, this section is where their own personal light bulbs turn on. Not only is it fun and interesting, this is where the learning happens.  These discussions may happen within the context of the large group, or may occur within the small group setting, usually with a mix of both.

A Funny Motivational Speaker Doing More than Just the Keynote

It’s a Blended Experience. 

For the purpose of this outline I have separated components of the full day seminar.  But in practice Brad purposely changes things up in order to keep people engaged, people learning, and people having fun. (All of which are related.)

This means that Brad will do some talking, and then change to small groups. You will see exercises and discussion. Then back to Brad doing most of the talking. And back to small groups, laughter, and facilitated conversation. It is all mixed up on purpose. You will see the three components at various times throughout the day, but your leaders in the room will just know that they had a hands on day of learning that helps them get a handle on improving themselves, those people they influence, and in the end, patient

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