Magician SPEAKER

Magician Speaker | What is it and Why should you care?

Magician Speaker

A magician speaker is nothing more than a professional speaker — in this case a motivational speaker — who does magic. Magician + Motivational Speaker = Brad Montgomery

Why Might You Want a Magician Speaker?

Why not? Jokes aside, no matter what type of motivational speaker you book for your meeting, there HAS to be an element or framework of entertainment to hang the message on. You can provide the most profound message in the world, but if the audience is snoozing’, you’ve wasted your investment.

Brad relies up his extensive background as an award-winning magician as a tool to bring the audience in; to bring them to the edge of their seats; to make them wonder, “What’s going to happen next?”

Magic is an ancient art which Brad has updated to make relevant, entertaining, fresh, and very, Very, VERY funny. He get’s your people involved. They are engaged. They laugh. And now they are ready to learn.

Magician Speakers are Perfect for Themed Conventions.

Nope, you don’t need HAVE to use magic as a theme for your meeting or convention, but tons of our past clients have. It’s easy. It’s effective, and it’s easily adaptable to your core mission. Be it the “Magic of Teamwork” or the “Magic of Customer Service” (gosh, you have just gotta come up with something more catchy than those two examples, but you know what we mean) using a magician speaker is just the right touch.

Customized Presentations.

Brad customizes each and every presentation. He has to. In fact, he’s unable not to. (Seriously, it’s like a habit.)

His humor is always connected to and a reflection of your people, your industry, and your…. well… theme. But because Brad is a magician, Brad has that many more opportunities to create an “experience” that is more than a canned presentation. It’s a one-of-a-kind, laugh-out-loud, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, everything-can-be-hyphenated type program. It’s fun. It’s relevant. It’s meaningful. And it’s magical.

Why Magic?

Brad’s proud of his magic, and doesn’t casually label himself a magician speaker. He has honed this craft over decades. But Brad will be the first to tell you that it isn’t the magic the your people will be talking about as they pour out of that keynote; it’s the humor, the comedy, and the message. They’l feel great. They’ll have WAY more energy after the program than before it starts. But best of all, they’ll leave with a list of to-do items: things they’ll WANT to do differently based on their time with Brad.

Want to learn more about this variant of a motivational speaker. Looking for a Colorado magician speaker for your event?

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