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“Happy people have, on average, 31% higher productivity; their sales are 37% higher; their creativity is three times higher.”*



What is Laugh-O-Nomics?
According to the Dictionary …… Ok, you got us— it’s not in the Dictionary. Yet.

Happy people thrive. Happiness is directly related to increased productivity, sales, creativity, innovation, collaboration and resiliency. And lucky us, happinesshappiness speaker is a skill that can be taught. It can be broken down into steps that can be learned. Ready for more luck? Brad Montgomery is a master teacher, facilitator & speaker.

Happy people perform better. Period. And the science backs this common sense notion up. Happy people collaborate, lead, innovate, & manage better then their unhappy counterparts. Happy people are more resilient, more accurate, more creative and are healthier (which saves on health care and absenteeism). They are better at building and maintaining teams. Most impressive of all, happy people are more productive.*

“Happy people produce more and work better. An investment in happiness has a concrete payout…and fast.” — Brad Montgomery

Common sense dictates that happiness is good —whatever that means. But new data from positive psychologists and social scientists prove that it’s more than common sense. Happiness is measurable — and happiness has a BIG business value.


Best of all, happiness isn’t some fuzzy emotion. It’s an attitude. It’s a set of skills and techniques. They can be learned, they are easier to incorporate than most people think, and best of all we can see measurable, positive results very quickly. You need a business skill that 1) makes a huge difference to your bottom line, and 2) can be implemented immediately; you need happiness. And lucky you, Brad’s Laugh-O-Nomics™ teaches your people all they need and more.

We are not victims.

Some of your people are toxic. They believe they cannot be happy because of their work environments; poor engagement, lack of control, dysfunctional work teams, poor leadership, or even because of their job as a whole. They have decided they cannot be happy in their job, but they are wrong. Very wrong. And they are bringing down your organization. Happiness does (and should) start with us as individuals. We can be happier generally and we can be happier at work. If your people blame their negative attitudes on factors they cannot control at work, they need a HUGE dose of Laugh-O-Nomics™.

Most of us believe that we have some degree of control of our happiness when we are outside of work. But once we get into our cubicle we’re at the mercy of others. Right? Nope…. We can control a huge percentage of our over-all happiness regardless of our current life circumstances. (Including our work environment.)

And what about those people in your organization who are NOT toxic? They need Laugh-O-Nomics™ to reaffirm and reiterate their positive attitudes. They need support to help your work culture.

Happiness is isn’t is a Business Word

Science has shown us that much of our happiness is independent of our jobs, our health, and our income (past a certain minimum stage). This is good news: it means that no matter who we are and what we are doing in our lives and jobs, ALL of us can be more happy.

And Brad Montgomery and Laugh-O-Nomics™ teaches us how to enjoy life at home AND at work. And he does it in a really fun way.

So What is Laugh-O-Nomics™? A Motivational Speech?

It’s a program in which Brad Montgomery teaches individuals the importance of happiness, and then gives them simple steps to be more happy immediately. In other words, he teaches the techniques that turns happiness from an abstract concept, into an achievable day to day attitude— meaning the measurable benefits of improving performance, productivity and job satisfaction.


This is not a garden-variety motivational speech. In fact, calling Laugh-O-Nomics™ a motivational speech is a misnomer. Laugh-O-Nomics™ is a powerful course in fundamental skill-building that maximizes your company’s most important asset: your employees. And it’s taught by a professional who understands intimately the connection between happiness and work.

Brad Montgomery not a comedian — though he is hilarious. He’s a professional speaker and meeting energizer who’s laugh-out-loud funny about some serious stuff. He knows how to connect with your audience through the time-tested tradition of laughter. By breaking down the barrier between teacher and student through the use of humor, he lets your group know he “gets” them. And this humor connection is crucial. It’s crucial because without it, your audience, your employees, your “students” cannot learn.

Audiences need to be engaged to learn. And Brad believes that they learn best when they are laughing. So he has worked VERY hard to incorporate as many non-traditional information delivery techniques (which is a fancy phrase for “cool stuff he does from the stage”) to make sure your people learn as much as possible.

A Delightful Center with a Candy Coating

Can you imagine a program on happiness delivered in a boring monotone with 149 PowerPoint slides? Neither can Brad. That’s why Laugh-O-Nomics™ includes audience participation, tons of humor (we’re talking laugh-out-loud, bust-a-gut laughter), music, movement, and the most creative use of PowerPoint your people will have ever seen. (I mean what’s a business meeting without PowerPoint?) Heck, there’s even confetti. Because Brad believes that the more different he can make this program from what your people expect from a business presentation, the better it will be, the greater impact it will have, and the more lasting change it can create.

In other words, Brad takes this business message — enjoying the process of work makes us better at work — and hangs it on a framework of entertainment. Because it’s fun. Because it makes the message more sticky. And because the delivery has to be consistent with the message.

Come ready to laugh as you learn; hear Brad’s powerful message about happiness and how we can harness it as a business and life tool. In a VERY funny way, Brad will remind us that much of our overall sense of well being is up to us. He’ll help us learn how to ramp up the happiness (levity, humor, lightheartedness and, dare we say, “fun”) in our lives at work.

If you’re looking for a motivational and inspirational program that will energize your audience, give them a spring to their steps, and prep them for the difficult and challenging jobs their face — and if you want all the business message delivered in a very funny way, then you want Brad Montgomery’s Laugh-O-Nomics™.



*If these numbers don’t make you want to immediately invest in happiness as a work concept then there is something seriously wrong. (Study by Sonjya Lyubomirsky, Laura King and Ed Diener written in the HBR Feb 2012.)

** No I didn’t make this up. Harvard Business Review, February 2012 (I didn’t see a double asterisk anywhere???)


The Last Word:

Laugh-O-Nomics is all about connecting humor and levity to your bottom line. The result is an increase in (here’s a surprise…it HAS to be the last word…) productivity.


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