What?! A Flash Mob!?


What energizes your group, lifts up the mood, galvanizes action? A FLASH MOB!

Bring in Brad Montgomery and experience his one of a kind, fun, energizing Instant Flash Mob.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Sure, he says that an instant flash mob is fun, but is it really? How can you do a flash mob in an instant? My people would never do this!? This is work, after all. And everyone knows work isn’t supposed to be fun. Besides my boss would never go for it. It’s not serious enough, not corporate enough. Not enough ROI.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong, and your boss is wrong, wrong, wrong. This is how I do it, and it really works. Look at the video if you don’t believe me.

So, imagine you’re a participant in a boring business meeting. Well, actually, it’s not boring, because I’m the speaker. (Awesome!) But still, it’s right after lunch and your chicken marsala is nestling comfortably in your tummy, and you feel your eyelids start to droop, even though I am offering up these incredibly funny tidbits of wisdom.I know this because up on stage I can see three hundred pairs of eyelids at half-mast like they’re pumping in sleeping gas through the ventilation system. Happens every time right after lunch.

It’s time for radical action — here’s what we’ll do: with the help of your entire audience, we TOTALLY surprise a small key group of your people — your top salespeople, your Board, your C-Level types, or even a random group that we assemble last-minute.

We send them out of the room under a guise…they think we’re doing one thing, but what we’re actually doing is teaching the rest of the audience a flash mob. That’s right: We’re gonna do a Flash Mob! A what?

Relax, I say. It’s easy. I’m going to show you how to do a series of easy-peasy dance moves: cowboy, jazz hands, etc.

(I know…you’re wondering if I’m crazy. Just check out the video; seriously, look at this video if you don’t believe me. And in about 6 tiny minutes, they’ve got it. And they are starting to to get buzzed. Instant Flash Mob? No problem. This is gonna be fun.)

So your big-wigs come back in and file up on stage, looking cocky and big-wiggish. Boy are they in for a surprise. They start talking and suddenly the music starts blaring, you start rocking, and they start freaking out! It’s a hoot. Your audience goes wild.

Corporations hire flash mobs (where a team of dancers performs for the attendees) for up to $80,000*. Brad gets YOUR people dancing for YOUR top performers — at a fraction of the cost! (While wildly increasing the impact on your organization!)

Wall Street Journal, May 2013


The music is pumping. Your audience starts in on their thing; doing the choreography. They’re up! They’re moving. And best of all? They’re having the time of their lives!

You’re smiling. You’re laughing. The people around you are smiling and laughing. And dancing. You grab your phone and start taking photos. And videos. The guy next to you texts someone to say, “You won’t believe what we’re doing!” Instant fun. Instant feedback. Instant Flash Mob.


Because it is. Okay, it’s more than that. So much more. It’s about team-building. It’s about building people up. It’s about creating our own attitudes. It’s about gelling your company together with laughter and good feelings. The connection is immediate. Co-workers who’ve barely said hello to one another are smiling and talking. Walls come down. Trust builds up. Suddenly it’s not about management versus worker, us versus them. It’s about Us. About We. Look what we did. We did it!

Connection between co-workers is important to a company’s overall performance and success. All the experts say so. Connection fosters community; community fosters happiness. Happy employees are better employees. Better employees work harder and have pride in their accomplishments. The produce more and sell more.  Not bad results for a simple Flash Mob.

“But we don’t have time for this,” you might be thinking. Of course you do. The whole exercise lasts anywhere from seven to ten minutes. I’ve performed this team-building exercise with many groups to amazing success. It is a short, interactive teaching tool designed to get people out of their seats, build community, and have them start interacting at a level which most of us don’t have the opportunity to experience. Who has time to be lighthearted and silly in these tumultuous times? Turns out we all do, and the results are immediate and rewarding.

But what does our company get out of having a Flash Mob? you’re thinking. How can something this outrageous be useful or relevant to what we’re trying to accomplish?

If you’re looking to bring more cohesiveness, camaraderie, and good spirits to your work place (and who isn’t?), then the Instant Flash Mob accomplishes that in spades. Your life’s work is not supposed to drag you down. It’s supposed to lift you up, bring you fulfillment, and provide a sense of achievement. Yes, it’s not always like that. So sometimes we need reminding that work can be more than a grind. It can have unexpected, spontaneous, out-of-the-cubicle moments.

When people have connection, excitement and enthusiasm, they learn better. Science proves that. The Instant Flash Mob proves that. After having your blood pumping and your facial muscles aching from laughter, you and your co-workers will be even more ready to learn and to understand what I speak about: connecting happiness at work and happiness in life to a productive, positive and successful business or company or association. And this is the central theme of Laugh-O-Nomics™, my program on connecting happiness at work to the bottom line. Happiness at work produces more satisfied, productive and fulfilled employees. Satisfied employees at all levels are better employees. They are more loyal, more creative, more responsible.

If your goal is to teach your people about ways to be happier and more light-hearted in the work place, hoping that the growth of those values will result in greater retention, higher job satisfaction and a better work environment, then the Instant Flash Mob is one of the tools guaranteed to help you reach it.

If you hired a flash mob company to create a flash mob for your meeting or convention you’d spend a fortune. Seriously. A fortune. But we have a system in place to roll it into Brad’s visit to your convention. He’s got it down, he’s ironed out the kinks, and he’s ready to rock.

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