Laugh-O-Nomics™ 201 | The Deep Dive

Laugh-O-Nomics 201. The Deep Dive! What Is It?

The keynote gives you the idea,  the concept, and the motivation.  201, the Deep Dive  gives you the how-to, the action steps, and the “Ah Ha’s!”

According to Webster’s Dictionary , Laugh-O-Nomics™ is …… Ok, you got us— it’s not in the Dictionary. Yet.

Laugh-O-Nomics™ is a laugh-out-loud funny program that helps your people fully grasp the connection between humor and the bottom line.

Levity helps people get what they want. Laugh-O-Nomics™ introduces specific tactics and techniques on how to incorporate lightheartedness into our lives and jobs.

Why is Laugh-O-Nomics™ Important to You and Your Team?

Because the studies are clear: organizations and individuals who enjoy humor in the workplace seminar what they are doing are more effective and therefore more productive. Locating and accessing our senses of humor helps us with employee retention and recruitment, morale, creativity, energy levels, and creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture. In the end, it’s really about productivity. Yes, I already used that word, but it’s important enough to use twice. Productivity. (Now I’ve written it three times.) Liberal doses of humor make sense in our hearts, but the data backs its importance to our business.

If we’re in a good mood and having fun at work, we are better at our jobs. We sell more. We provide better customer service. We handle change and stress better. We are healthier. We attract better employees and hold them longer. We lead and manage better. We work in teams better. And (here it comes again) we are more productive. (There’s that word again: four times!) In other words, your grandmother had some killer business advice when she told you to “Turn that frown upside down.

Humor at Work? You’re kidding.

When Brad talks about humor in the workplace, he isn’t talking about joke telling at the water cooler, wearing clown shoes to a meeting, or teaching how to open your meeting with a comedic “skit.” (Though if that stuff floats your boat, go for it!”)

Humor at work is often better defined as an absence of stress and crankiness. It means being more glad about being at work, being in better, more lighthearted mood and generally enjoying ourselves more. Don’t confuse “humor” with “comedy.” Brad doesn’t teach people how to be funny; he teaches them how to create a work culture that is more fun. (And more productive. Yippee… “productive” used five times.)

Real Life Examples — Play Pays.

The Laugh-O-Nomics™ program illustrates this humor-in-the-workplace point with real life examples of how real organizations have successfully used levity to get more of what they want and increase their bottom line. There are famous examples of fun work places that also are making record profits: Red Bull, Google, WaMu, Boeing, Starbucks and Southwest Airlines. (Do you really think it’s an accident that the only airline that invests in a positive work culture is also the only airline still making money in a lousy economy?) But we’ll use examples of lesser-known organizations who have excelled with this concept too. Organizations like the Colorado Department of Housing, the Wyoming Medicaid office, and EKS&H (a smaller consulting outfit). But best of all, we’ll use examples from YOUR workplace and your team.

If possible, we’ll interview your top humor-performers and get their insight on how they use levity to lead the way to a more fun-ctional workplace. And then we’ll report back to your team with success stories about how YOUR people have adopted Laugh-O-Nomics™. The result is that we’ll be teaching and inspiring your entire organization to lighten up. [Because let’s face it, using true stories and examples will help your folks learn. But using true stories and examples from your own team is even more powerful.

Why Brad? Why This Motivational Speaker?

 Brad has a black belt in Laugh-O-Nomics. (Ok, so he got it     at  MACY’S, but you get the idea.) He has spent his entire career studying the use of, and effect of humor. He’s darn funny guy, but he’s also an expert at teaching others how levity, humor and   generally taking ourselves less seriously can improves our lives both   at home and at work. Besides, Brad is really funny. His background   is  in entertainment. For the first ten years of his career he worked     his comedy everywhere from clubs to cruise ships, from Arkansas to Alaska to Australia. He’s not a comic now, but his comedian skills will not be lost on your group. Because Brad is laugh-out-loud funny, he creates an experience of joy, humor and fun. Once your folks are laughing, they are ready to learn, so Brad makes certain they are laughing first. [Admit it: can you imaging your group actually listening to–and learning from– a “talking head” who speaks, trains and teaches on the importance of humor at work who isn’t funny? They’d tune out faster than you can say, “This guy is a fraud.”] So Brad is funny. Really funny. The experience of Laugh-O-Nomics is a fun, energy-filled, interactive, team building experience. And this joy translates to retention, increased morale and productivity (I’ve used that key word six times!).

What is Laugh-O-Nomics?

Multiple Choice: A. A Humorous, Motivational Keynote Speech B. A Breakout Session C. A Seminar D. A Full Day Training E. A Work Shop F. A Play Shop (We made this one up. Clever, huh?) G. A Team Building Event H. An Experience I. A KeynoteTrainingFacilitationSpeechThatMakesPeopleLaughHard Answer: You guessed it, Kiddo! It’s all of the above. One thing is for sure, this experience is a highly interactive, funny, personalized and customized program that focuses on implementation of portable humor action steps. (There’s a sentence I bet you’ve never read before!) The ideal format for this program is best determined by a closer examination of what your desired outcome is. Call us and we’ll figure it out together.

Who Is Brad Anyway?

Multiple Choice: He’s a:

  • Humor-ivator
  • Facili-trainor
  • Keynote-itator-trainer
  • Speaker • Motivator
  • Trainer • Facilitator
  • Seminar Leader
  • Team Builder

Answer: Yes. (What?! A trick question?!) Ok, to be honest, this stuff is so fresh that labeling it is hard. But you get the idea. What we can say is that Brad is a genuinely funny guy who is able to connect humor to your bottom line in a meaningful and enjoyable (hilarious!) way that your people will appreciate long after the meeting is over. That’s easy. Pick up the phone and give us a call. 303-691-0726. Operators are standing by. (Ok, you got us again, nobody here has the job title of “operator,” but we like talking to folks just like you, so give us a call.

But Wait! There’s More!

Schedule Brad’s Laugh-O-Nomics™ today and you’ll get the steak knives at no additional charge. Keep them as our gift!* *You know we’re kidding, right? Brad can barely get his iPod through airport security much less some knives, silly!

The Last Word:

Laugh-O-Nomics is all about connecting humor and levity to your bottom line. The result is an increase in (here’s a surprise…it HAS to be the last word…) productivity.

A Bootleg Video of Laugh-o-Nomics™ | The Break Out Session

This video was shot at a Microsoft managers meeting in Dallas, Texas.

Another Group Experiences Laugh-O-Nomics | Video

This video was shot at a meeting for educators who needed a boost in teamwork, morale, and creativity.

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