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Funny Customized Corporate Game Show

Make Me a Deal

A corporate game show featuring prizes, humor, comedy, and one of today’s hottest corporate comedians Brad Montgomery. This game show will put a spring in your group’s step, a smile on their faces, and cash in their pockets. And you’ll hear the cry that talent bookers love to hear: “Hey, Down in Front!”


Game Show

For organizations looking for something a little different, this program is a winner. And for organizations already planning to give out gifts (at the annual banquet or holiday party, for example) this program is a no-brainer.

Let’s face it, people love to get gifts. But the giving of the gifts can be boring. That’s why this program has been so successful in Corporate America — because it helps make the process of giving out gifts and event in itself. It’s a combination of audience participation, customized humor and comedy, a seasoned comedian — and prizes. This game show is a can’t-miss, laugh-out-loud funny experience.

Customized Corporate Game Show

Yup, it’s all about you. Brad can do the program right out of the box. But what makes it better is that he incorporates your lingo, your organizational history, and even what core messages you’d like the audience to walk away with right into the comedy game show. He can incorporate trivia for fun, or key learning points for effect. You’ll be involved with Brad in shaping exactly what the final program looks and feels like, and what messages you want to impart.

Looking just for killer, knock-down entertainment? Then this is the choice. Looking for an entertaining way to emphasize, reinforce, and reiterate a few core messages? Bingo baby! Make Me a Deal Game Show is your ticket.Customized Game Show

“Why A Game Show?”

  1. People love them.
  2. Audience participation (which practically equals success.)
  3. They love to compete.
  4. They especially love to win prizes.
  5. Brad is Funny.  Really funny.  Game show — Good.  Game Show with Brad Montgomery?   Awesome.

That’s why they love Make Me a Deal! And they love the host, Brad Montgomery. “Hey, this guy BRAD is funny!” You can take your whole family (and your preacher) to Make Me a Deal! Brad’s brand of corporate humor is clean. The show is witty. It’s spontaneous and quick.  And very funny. “Or Do You Want What’s Behind Curtain Number Three?”

Brad customizes Make Me a Deal! corporate game show especially for your company or association. It fits any budget. The audience whoops and hollers and laughs and ooohs and aaahs and moans and groans as contestants press their luck and play their hunches to win modest and tasteful prizes, suitable for display on the home mantelpiece. Or piles of cash. Or a dazzling three-masted prize, suitable for display off the coast of Waikiki.

“Hey, this Funny guy BRAD does magic too?!” He sure does. Brad Montgomery is an award-winning very funny magician. Astounding magic. Funny magic. Award winning magic. Corporate magic. Get-the-folks-involved magic. Oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-that magic! And in the days and weeks after the game show show, they talk about what fun everybody had at Make Me a Deal!

Everybody, that is, except that old doofus, Fred, who should never have traded that color TV for that can of cat food behind Door Number Three. Ready toaudiencelaughblackwoman2 see what is behind the curtain?

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There are three main components to Make Me a Deal:

“Box #2 or Box  #3?”

One- third of the show involves inviting members of your group to the stage and giving them prizes.  Contestants may choose between two mystery prizes — usually hidden in boxes — and may keep whatever they choose.   Usually one prize will be great, (such as a TV) and one will be a Zonk prize, (such as a piece of gum or a drinking straw).   The comedy is based upon this contrast between great and terrible prizes.

“Do You Have A . . . ?”

The second part of the show involves Brad leaving the stage, going directly into the audience with a bag full of prizes.   He’ll approach audience members and offer them a prize if they can show that they are carrying certain things with them.   For example, he may give out a prize to a contestant if she has with her a yellow highlighter pen or a postage stamp.  He may give a prize to the first person who has exactly 72¢.    Or to the person in the room whGame Show for Big & Small Audienceso is carrying the most photographs.    Or to the person with the thickest wallet.   This section of the program involves dozens of contestants and prizes, and is practically the definition of audience participation.

Comedy & Magic

BradFinally, in order to get the show going, and to connect the different segments, Brad performs his award-winning comedy and magic with which he’s toured the country.   This final third of the show features Brad’s unique blend of entertainment for which Brad is in demand by corporations  and associations all over America.


The budget is up to you.   Past clients have spent from $150 to $4,000. on prizes.   They can range from clock-radios to trips to Hawaii.  Funny Game ShowFrom a gift-certificate for lunch to a large-screen-TV.  We’ll work with you to find appropriate prizes that excite the audience and fit within your budget.

It’s EASY to Produce!

Brad will arrive with everything he needs to make this program a success.  He has the boxes, the prizes, and all the other assorted props to make this show work.    All you need to provide is a stage, a sound system, and the audience.  Brad will do the rest.

Need help in brainstorming prizes? Ask us…we’ve done this a ton. And we are here to serve.


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