Executive Humor Coaching

Do you present professionally and need an executive humor coach to prep you for the big speech? Have to present a speech to the shareholders and want to make sure it is top notch? Looking to add some humor —or magic?— to your all-employee presentation? Then you need a presentation and speech coach. You need a pro who can help you look good. Just Book Brad.

Brad helps individuals, corporate executives, business professionals as well as full-time-professional speakers excel on the platform. He helps them with everything from the organization of the speech to the way to work the crowd. His goal is your goal: to help you deliver a professional program that successfully imparts a valuable message.

Brad’s goal as a presentation coach is to make you look good.wsj3

Yes! Brad will help you to add humor to your presentation. (Remember: humor doesn’t have to mean punch lines and laughter cues. Humor can just be a process to lighten you program up, make it a bit less dense, and help enable your audience to better receive your message.) No matter what you call it, Brad is has been a pro for more years than he cares to admit; he has the experience to help you look good.

Maybe you consider yourself to be a lousy speaker and this presentation you’re prepping for has got you up nights losing sleep? Do you need somebody to help you shape things from start to standing ovation? Just book Brad.

Magic Makes a Difference

Magic is an awesome way to help shake an audience out of their seats and to hold their attention in the palm of your hands. Brad is an award-winning magician who has had his articles and tricks published in national magic trade journals. He can help you select, learn and perform customized magic to your presentation to help set you apart.

Or perhaps you are a fairly experienced non-professional speaker who really wants to punch up the big presentation? Just need to run some ideas —or the full speech — by a pro for some feedback and ideas? No sweat. You’ve come to the right place.

Use Comedy To Improve Programs

Even full time speakers rely on Brad to find things to improve in their programs. He can help you with ideas, techniques, jokes, and even staging and movements that will help you make that difference. (After all, Brad has been a pro for years, has earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation and HE gets coaching as often as he can. If Brad needs coaching, what makes you think you don’t?)

Brad’s humor coaching fees for presentation or speech coaching vary greatly depending on the time needed, the goals of the presenter and the hours needed to help you reach your goals. Just give the office a buzz, let us know how we can best help you and we’ll get you started the easy way.


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