What? This Motivational Speaker Will Create a Customized Program?


Yup. Because that’s the way he rolls. Because your audience is too savvy for another “canned” keynote speech. And because your audience will love you if you let Brad do his thing.

Why Does Brad Customize?

Motivational speakerBecause your audience senses it when a speaker presents the same program over and over again.  Because without a customized approach, your audience will know there is no connection between them and your presenter.  And because without that connection, there will be no transfer of knowledge;  no behavior change.

And because you’re hiring Brad because you want Brad to ignite lasting change in your folks, you’ll need a speaker who is not only very thoughtful and relevant;  you need a speaker to whom they relate.  And without the customization they’ll be thinking, “This guy doesn’t ‘get’ us!”   And you want them to be thinking, “This guy is speaking to me;  I’m gonna do this stuff!”

You Can Pick The Motivational Speaker Topic, But….

It’s even better just to give us a call. Sure, Brad can do any of the programs listed on this website… Er… Right now… And they’ll be fine. Heck, they’ll be great. You’ll love ’em. But what our clients tell us (again and again!) is that what they like best is to call us, and let us pick from all of the many approaches Brad has developed over the decades and develop a program just for you. Just. For. You. It’s awesome. It’s hilarious. But best of all, it has a HUGE impact.


Here’s a Sample…

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Brad Makes it Easy for You

Brad does the work… At least most of it.  How does it work?  Easy Peasy.  Just start with the Pre-Program Form.  Brad will read it and almost certainly have some questions for you.  Then you can hammer out your needs and desires, explain anything missing from the form, and let Brad ask you some pretty easy questions about your group, your culture, and what exactly you want your people thinking and doing differently.   If it takes more than one call, fine.  We’re here to serve.

What else?  Send Brad your latest newletters, access to all the websites that your folks use, and (sometimes) Brad will want to talk to more than one person on your team.

Brad ALWAYS talks to the top person on the food chain;  so at some point you’ll schedule a call with your top person (President, CEO, Czar — you get the idea) so that Brad can make sure that everybody will be happy with the event.

In the end, it really means taking the time to fill out the easy form, setting up 1 or 2 calls, and connecting Brad to your top person for a short call.  Brad does the rest.

Why Customize?

Because it makes the keynote or seminar more relevant.  Because it makes it (way!) more funny.  And because if it is funny and relevant it will make the business message stick — and help create a lasting impact on your folks.

Find out how Brad uses customized HUMOR in his presentations:

Customized Motivational Videos for the Presentation.

Depending on your organization or product, Brad will create a customized video for the event.   He makes funny videos about your products, your office, your product, store or service.  Just give us a call and we’ll figure out how to best make it work for you.

Here are a couple examples of videos he has used FROM the platform.  (Note… Imagine yourself in the audience for these stores and imagine how much this personalized touch would help you to see that Brad is part of your team.)

Or this one from Safeway:


Brad created this funny customized motivational video for a client in the oil business:

Something with John Deere Landscapes:


More on Why Use A Customized Speaker?  Check out this video:


Need more examples of how this motivational speaker has put in some very customized local humor into his program?

Ok, no sweat….here’s another video.

What now?

Call us.  Ask us how Brad would incorporate your language, your needs, your message, and your culture into a very funny, very inspirational, and most of all… A very relevant and helpful motivational keynote or seminar to help you get your people and your organization to where it needs to be.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your event?

Contact Brad Montgomery here.

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Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational keynote speaker from Denver, Colorado. Contact him here: 303.691.0726[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]