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What would it mean to you and your executive committee to finish your meeting our convention in a high-energy way that your organization will never forget?Conference Confetti

Tired of having your meeting end with a lame announcement, “Okay, it’s done. You can go home now. Thanks for coming.” Ready to pump up the finish so that your troops leave with a smile on their faces, springs in their steps and the happy feeling of Mission Accomplished?

We’ve got the answer: Brad’s Executive Committee Send Off. It’s a confetti launch for grown-ups. Indoor fireworks. A visual feast. And best of all it’s executed by your top team for the benefit of us all. We will turn your top team into the heroes that close it out.

The details are easier than you think: we have found after searching high and low near and far the coolest and most simple devices to launch confetti into the audience. Each one is controlled by one person; each person on the committee will have a launcher. And on a queue, your committee will line up in predetermined locations around the room. After some buildup, some high-energy music, and a build up of anticipation each of your team launches their confetti over the audience. Laughter follows. Screams. Applause. Tons of photos. (Hello Facebook!) And your convention is over. Not a doubt. It was a success.

Note: we’ve broken the code on the right type of confetti to use. Tiny little dots make venues crazy. The magic word here is Streamers. Longer pieces of paper that are fun to use, fun to see, and absolutely no problem for cleanup.

If you’re looking for a inexpensive way to get your top team involved, a scalable solution that can include anywhere from 5 to 500 people, the answer to the question, “How do we close this thing off with a bang?”…You found it. It’s Brad’s Executive Committee Send-Off! BANG!

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Brad is a funny motivational speaker and meeting energizer.  He’s one of the top keynote speakers (Proof?  He’s in the Speakers’ Hall of Fame) today, who helps organizations by speaking to the people side of business.  Call us today for a free consultation about how Brad can help make your event epic with a keynote speech, but also with some fun extras like the Executive Confetti Send Off!

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