Presto Change-O | Change Management Speaker

Presto Change-o: A Magician’s Guide to Laughing at Change.

Change doesn’t have to hurt. It can be exciting and challenging; it can be fun and funny. Change can be magical.

In this very humorous program, Brad reveals secrets magicians use to manage change. “Might as well laugh at it, … it’s gonna happen anyway!”

There’s an old cliche’ about how we cannot change what happens to us, but we can change how we react. Yup, it’s a cliche’ doesn’t mean it isn’t true.   But just because it is true doesn’t mean it is simple.

So the problem becomes the “How.”   How can we change our attitudes when faced with the fears, discomfort and anxiety that change inspires.   The simple answer is to have and access our senses of humor.  It isn’t always an easy answer, but it is that simple.

What?  A Funny Change Speaker?

Yup, but seriously funny.  Or funny with a side of serious.  Or…. you get the drift.

The craziness of today’s modern world  —the difficult economy, international instability, political divisiveness — demands that we find a way to gracefully handle change.  And do it quickly.

Change management keynote speaker Brad Montgomery teaches us specific ways to “let go” and allow the
things we cannot change happen.  And then gracefully find ways to succeed in adapting to our new realities. And along the way, we should seek to have smiles on our faces.  And, when possible, laughter in our hearts.

And did I mention he is funny? Brad is a REALLY funny motivational speaker on change management!

This program reminds us that when we face difficulties we have a choice. We can either whine and complain about what’s coming ’round the corner, or we can acknowledge that our lives are changing and use humor to make it a positive — and often very funny — experience.

This hilarious keynote is filled with Brad’s Award Winning Magic, Comedy & Audience Participation. It’s a business change management keynote speech spiced with entertainment. (After all, if your people are not listening, it doesn’t matter what your speaker tells them.  Brad makes sure they are listening … and laughing.)  It’s perfect for groups that want a very entertaining and humorous program with a simple and powerful message.

“Change; Ya might as well learn to laugh at it, … it’s gonna happen anyway!”       – Brad Montgomery

Brad has cracked-up thousands of business audiences including Kraft, USA Today, Miller Brewing, and the American Payroll Association. Call him today to find out why they keep bringing him back!

“Brad could pick up on the attendees’ reactions better than any speaker I’ve ever seen. He is perceptive. Excellent — and very funny! — program.”
-Marla Ashley Missouri Child Support Enforcement

Who is Brad Montgomery?

Brad Montgomery is a change keynote speaker and motivational speaker with a message. And with a sense of humor.  Using his own blend of Hilarious Humor, as well as his Award-Winning magic, Brad reminds us that our lives are supposed to be fun and funny. Great for opening or closing the convention, or even for the after-dinner time slot. “Because People Learn Best When They Are Laughing.”

“Brad’s humor and insights set a positive tone for the entire conference. I haven’t laughed so hard and felt so good in a long time.”- Unemployment Insurance Claims Center, Utah.

Brad also authored and published the book HUMOR ME which discusses laughter and humor– and it’s relation to change.

If your group is dealing with change, and if you need a speaker about change or change management, you’ve come to the right place! Brad does keynotes, breakouts, seminars and workshops on change and change management.

If your group is dealing with change and needs a change speaker to help put things in the right perspective; if your group thinks that humor might be helpful, and if you want a motivational speaker who can make change funny… Just Book Brad – visit the contact page!


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