Case Study … of You!

Invest to Assure that Brad’s Program is Wildly Relevant!

Before the event, Brad Montgomery will interview 3-5 top achieving members of your team .     What are their secrets?  What are some of their best practices?  What do they wish they knew when they started?  Brad will find out… and he’ll share the answers.
He’ll report back what he finds in two ways:

1)  He’ll incorporate what he learned from them into the keynote.  (People learn best from their own folks.)  This might sound like a small benefit, but it is huge.   It’s one thing for Brad to say from the platform, “Southwest Airlines has a great practice that isn’t just fun — it earns them money.”  It’s an entirely DIFFERENT thing for Brad to say, “When I talked to Joe Smith and Sally Jones here in accounting, they told me about the most amazing best practice, and the story will fascinate you….

Investing in having Brad study your organization helps to assure that the program is relevant, meaningful, and completely targed to your audience.  You want power?  You want ‘stickyness?’   Make sure Brad has access to some of your key people.

2)  Brad will make the information (and occasionally the recordings) available to your people as follow up to the session.   This technique of using YOUR information and tactics shared via Brad to your staff is amazingly powerful and assures that the event isn’t just a blip.  It becomes an experience that creates lasting change.

In addition, Brad will create a follow-up video of the take-away best practices and ideas for distribution to the entire audience.  (You’ll own this… no license or duplication fees.)  This recording will be sent to you no later than 10 days after our event.

Yes, you want a funny motivational speaker. Yes, you want an experience. But most of all, you want to create lasting behavioral change for employees. Brad can make it happen, and this case study approach is a proven tool to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.