Awards Banquets Don’t Have To Be Boring

Awards Banquets are Always Important.   They are Often Boring.  They Can Be Awesome.

1.   After dinner, Brad Montgomery presents a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speech.   Not really a speech…more of an event.   It will be motivational…and very VERY funny.   We would want to fine tune the message to meet your specific goals for the banquet, but generally speaking, we’d want to offer a message of appreciation as well as a reminder that they should take themselves less seriously…while still taking what they DO seriously. Because this event is a celebration, the entertainment component would be crucial.  My background is in comedy and magic… and we’d draw upon those skills to make sure that people are sitting on the edges of their seats.   But it seems like a waste for it to be JUST entertainment.   So we’d drop in a message that is relevant to them and what their are trying to do.  In life.  At home.  But especially at work.
• Customized humor
• Customized relevant message
• Audience Participation
• Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

2. We recommend you keep Brad around to Emcee the entire Awards Banquet. Details here.  The bottom line here is that having a professional award banquet master of ceremonies (emcee) work the event guarantees that the event will flow and be as fun as possible.  In addition, it tends to make sure your top leaders come off really well.  (We can involve them without having to rely on them to carry the entire evening.)

Awards banquets are important and crucial…they are designed to honor people who deserved to be recognized.  At the same time, the pace often lags and the energy drops.  After doing hundreds of these events, I’m experienced at keeping the pace on high, the energy on “Wow,” and the humor going all the way through.   We never want to belittle or make fun of the honorees… but joking our way through the banquet is an outstanding way to make people WANT to come to next year’s banquet.
•  Maintains a lively pace
• Insurance against something going wrong
• Keeps even the slower parts of award banquets fun
• It’s funny!

3.  Customized Snippets to honor the big winners, keep the energy up, and convey your customized messages.   We have a whole catalog of cool ideas to make sure the evening is memorable and successful.  They can last anywhere from 2 minutes each to 10 minutes

Game Show for Big & Small Audiences

each, they make your top winners — or top management — look great.  And they keep the energy going fast.   We call them “Name that Lie,”  “On the Hot Seat” and “I Had the Worst Job.”      They are terrific ways to incorporate audience participation, customized messaging, customized humor, and YOUR people into the program.
• Totally customized messages
• Fits within even tight schedules
• Excellent way to honor award winners
• Outstanding method to make your leadership come off as “One Of The Guys.”

Looking for an awards banquet master of ceremonies or motivational speaker for your event? Contact me here.

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