One of my newest friends just happens to be one of the best motivational speakers in the land.George Walther is a Certified Speaking Professional (as am I) and is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame (I’ll be there only in my dreams).

He has a ton of experience, is the author of  a handful of business books which have sold who knows how many gazillion copies, and is generally a “big deal” in the professional speaking world.

I was just at a convention in Arizona for the National Speakers Association and spent some time hanging with George.  What struck me is that in a room filled with plenty of ego (trust me…professional speakers are not short of this commodity) George is the guy that would win “Most Like My Neighbor.”   In other words, in spite of his impressive accomplishments, he is totally down to earth, kind, easy to be with, and well — funny.

But this comes as no surprise.

Iin every industry  the most qualified people are also the very ones who are easiest to like.  And the pompous, self-important jerks are more likely than not to be insecure snobs who often can’t back up their bluster with skill.  

What’s my point? 
If you want to act like a big deal, consider doing the opposite.  Don’t tell us about your credits, your experience, and your prestigious clients.  Just be yourself, and your professionalism will shine through way brighter than if you “act” the part of the pro.

[Hey George! I know you’ll read this: don’t let this go to your head. I happen to know you like Pabst Blue Ribbon, and with questionable taste like that you clearly have at least some things to learn. : ) ]


Brad Montgomery
Motivational Speaker, Fan of George Walther, Fellow Drinker of Pabst

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