I love the Onion Newspapers. Check out this awesome parody of motivational speakers.

STILLWATER, OK—Motivational speaker Ron Kalbee was long known for saying, “The word failure is not in my vocabulary.” Author of the best-selling You Can Do It!, his eight-step plan to personal fulfillment has helped millions turn dreams into reality.

Bankrupt Motivational Speaker Adds Word 'Failure' To His Vocabulary

Now, according to Kalbee, after six failed real-estate ventures, two divorces, two bankruptcies and a five- to ten-year prison sentence for tax evasion, he is adding the word to his vocabulary.

“I am a miserable, hopeless failure,” said Kalbee from his 5’x5′ cell in Stillwater State Prison. “Am I ready to add the word? You better believe it.”

At the height of his career, Kalbee packed conference rooms from Florida to California with aspiring entrepreneurs who paid $249 to hear him speak.

Check out the whole motivational speaker parody here.

To be honest, some motivational speakers are hilarious in this way. But in my experience most of ’em are an impressive lot. Still, this parody cracked me up What do you think? Are motivational speakers a joke? Comment!
Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Fan of THE ONION

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  1. Brad Shorr
    Brad Shorr says:

    Hi Brad, fyi, when I hit that link it returned a 404 error. The excerpt you have is hilarious–there’s that grain of truth in it that makes good satire good.

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