A Motivational Speaker For the People Who Matter Most

Get your People to Where they Need to be with a Proven Motivational Speaker

You cannot afford to hire an event keynote speaker who is okay, or even pretty good. This time you need a hit; somebody who sets the tone for the meeting while teaching skills that change the way your people think.

You don’t want a canned speech; you need an Experience.

Hello Brad Montgomery. Brad understands that people have the experience and the skills already. They know what to do and how to do it. But they aren’t performing at their potential. Why? They don’t have the right motivation.

He understands that your people are jaded and are not likely to be impressed by an old-fashioned speaker. This is why Brad uses stories, personal connection, the weirdest and most creative use of PowerPoint you’ve ever seen, sound and music and even confetti to make sure your audience is engaged and at the edge of their seats. When your people experience Brad they know they have met the real deal. This is a real guy who understands them, their stresses and problems and how to motivate them to get them where they want to be.

Proven Hall Of Fame Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is one of the best keynote comedian motivational speakers out there today. Don’t take just his word for it. Take the word of scores of happy clients all across the country. Take the word of his peers who’ve designated Brad as a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation earned by only 7% of motivational speakers worldwide. Take the word of the National Speakers Association, who recently honored Brad by inducting him into the Speaker Hall of Fame. Only five (FIVE!) speakers per year are awarded with this prestigious award, and Brad has now joined the ranks of professional speakers such as Ronald Reagan, Zig Zigler, and Art Linkletter. Out of the many thousands of funny motivational speakers for hire out there, Brad has been recognized by his peers as one of the best. Work with the best. Work with Brad Montgomery.

A Motivational Business Speaker Who Connects

Brad understands that your people are your most important asset in today’s hectic, face-paced business world. With all the pressures of a still-rebounding economy, our rush-rush-rush society, and the desire to get the most out of every business dollar spent, today’s workers are more stressed than ever before.

Motivating your employees is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. You want to push your people, but youÕre already pushing. Brad Montgomery is that motivational speaker. He speaks to the heart of the matter, both in terms of greater business productivity, leadership and goals, but also directly to the people involved in making the products, fulfilling the orders, managing the office and getting business done. He appreciates the nuts and bolts of working in a company and your employees will appreciate and respond to the motivational message he brings to them.

A Motivational Speaker Who’s Easy to Work With

The last thing you need is a prima donna motivational speaker; one who demands too much of your time and your money for irrelevant requests. Or one who is hired and then you never hear from again until the night before the conference, just when meeting planners are at

their busiest. You want a keynote comedian motivational speaker who is professional, knows the ropes and can manage his part of the production with ability, ease, and style. Brad connects on so many levels with your people, from setting the sound-man at ease with his up to the minute knowledge of computer soundboards and A-V requirements, to having a telephone-conference with your C-level suite to learn about the challenges your industry or business faces. Check out the video testimonials where client after client raves that not only the motivational message from the platform was excellent, but the ease of working with Brad and his team made all the difference to a stressed out, busy meeting planner.

Hire a Motivational Speaker Who Works for You

Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker who puts his clients first. So call our office today and set up an appointment to speak with Brad or his team and learn more about why Brad is one of the top motivational speakers in the business today.