Okay Peeps! You asked for it, you got it!  Here’s my latest ‘Brad Spouts Off’ episode direct from the Center for Humor in the Workplace Case Studies. (Ok, you caught me… we filmed it in my office.)

Are you eager for a better workplace vibe, (oooh! what a fancy business buzzword!) more freedom to have fun, and an escape from a lousy toxic work environment? Are you waiting for “THEM” to enable you to to make that happen?   Can’t wait until they finally fix it so that you can start working as hard as you should be?   Can’t wait for them to change that one thing so that work can be fun — and productive — again?

Well then, lucky you, because this video is just for you.

Think I’m wrong?  I dare ya….leave a comment below! (Heck, leave one even if you agree.)

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