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The Latest from Brad Montgomery

1. Skip “Tuesdays With Morrie“…. I’m going with “Thursdays with Clarice.”

2. (Not Even Light-) Blue Humor

3. It’s not funny but…. (Killer computer resource!)

4. Cool links that will make you laugh.

Thursdays with Granny

My grandmother died at age 100. A funny thing happened when when she was a perky 97 year old. Clarice Montgomery is a sometimes grumpy, sometimes childish, sometimes mean but always lovable woman who is also ALWAYS thrilled when I visit her in her nursing home.

When I get there for my irregular visits, she says without fail, “Oh Brad! I was hoping you would come today.” And happily, she is always willing to laugh at my jokes. (Well… nearly always.)

During my most recent visit I realized how smart she can be. Who needs TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE? I’ve got Thursdays with Granny. On this last visit it was a dreary, yucky, cloudy wet day in my home town of Denver. It was one of those depressing days that makes you want to stay home in bed with a good novel. Ok, I’ll say it; the day sucked.

She and one of her aides told me about how earlier that day they got their coats on, and went for a “roll” (Granny’s in a wheel chair) outside in the weather. Yup, you heard that right. My 97 year old matriarch went out to play in the rain.

I made a joke, “Did you jump in the puddles?”

“Yes.” But it was clear that this wasn’t what she wanted to tell me and that my jokes were just in the way. She told me about the smells, the sounds and the feeling of the air. “It was wonderful, Brad. Just wonderful.” And by the dreamy look in her eyes — something I’m NOT used to seeing from this no-nonsense woman — it was clear that it was wonderful.

I felt like an idiot. I was rushing round doing errands, one of which was visiting my granny. She was just another thing to “check off” my list. I was having trouble enjoying the day; I was having trouble being in the moment. And granny was waxing poetic on a short trip into inclement weather.

Yup, Granny is pretty smart. But on that day she was brilliant.

Thanks Grandmother! Love you!

(Now I gotta go put on my galoshes.)


Why Does Humor Have To Be Clean?

Those of you who have seen my programs know that I work clean. I don’t use any blue humor. Why?

There are a ton of reasons, including the fact that I just don’t feel that you need to “cross that line” in order to get a laugh.

But to be honest, one of the biggest reasons is self serving: working clean is good for business. Because every single client can use a speaker who uses crystal clean humor and comedy. But only a few can use somebody who works blue. Bottom line: the market for clean is bigger.

My theory is that funny comes first. If people are laughing until their faces hurt, they don’t care if you are clean or not. In fact most of them won’t notice. (Have you, for example, ever noticed that Bill Cosby and Seinfeld work very clean? My guess is that you haven’t thought of it… but you know they are funny, right?)

But if you are working blue or dirty, then there always be some percentage of your audience who will freak out. It might only be 1% of the audience, but you’re guaranteed to tick somebody off if you cuss, talk about sex, race and/or gender.

Who wants to deal with that when you don’t need it?

And worse… what if it is your meeting planner, the company CEO or some other crucial decision maker who is in that 1%? Comedy Suicide.

It just ain’t worth it. Don’t take the chance.

Work Clean. It Pays.

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Killer computer resource?

Back Up Your Computer

It’s not funny, but…

I had a huge scare with my computer data, and found an awesome service that is so good I just need to share it.

It’s a unbelievably easy to use back up utility that keeps your most important files on your computer safe from error, fire, theft, and random screw ups. And best of all… it doesn’t cost anything. It’s F R E E. What better deal could you ask for?

I use it. My wife uses it, and two of my best pals use it. And several small businesses that I know of use it.

I can’t believe it took me this long to find it.

And we all love it. And you will too. Here’s the link again.

Other Resources

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Since you’re still here, here’s a video of a flash mob performance in Seattle. I love it for two reasons. One, the energy is undeniable. I’d love to be part of one, and I’d love to witness one. Second, what killer marketing for the TV show. Hire some dancers, and let YouTube have it’s way. I wish I had thought of it.

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