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I’m just back from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Region VI) in St. Louis, Missouri.  We had a great time talking about how those people in the Advancement Professionals  — a job title that still cracks me up — can incorporate humor, levity and lightheartedness in work in order to achieve more at work.

Here’s my short summary and reminder video.

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For those of you who prefer to read (and blow off the video) here ya go:


Hey CASE VI, it’s Brad Montgomery from Brad  Thank you so much.  It was so cool being the keynote speaker in St. Louis.  I promised you a quick follow up and I wanted to remind you of the three tools, the three ideas that we talked about that are going to remind you to bring levity and lightheartedness and humor and even joy back to work.  First, find happy starting right now.  Find things that remind you that life is good and my game was how cool is that.  You’re getting a follow up video from a speaker you saw just recently – how cool is that.

All right, the second thing is choice, right.  Pick happy; it’s a choice.  If you want to have a good day at work today and tomorrow; if you want your teams to have a good day at work; if you want work to be fun for you then part of it is making that conscious choice.  Remember we talked about this when we were in St. Louis.  Well, I’m telling you if it’s important to you are you willing to make that choice.  Can you lead the way.

And then finally, the third one was act happy.  What are you physically going to do today to create joy and humor for yourself, for your family, for your team, for your organization and I’m suggesting you’re going to have to do something so maybe that means something crazy like wear a clown nose at work or maybe it just means listen to funny stuff, read positive stuff, linger over the funny pages or tell a knock-knock joke to your cat.

Brad Montgomery, Brad  If you leave a comment below on this blog I promise I’ll send you something fun but let me know what you’re going to do differently based on our time together.  Thanks CASE VI, it was a blast.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:


    Thanks for speaking at CASE VI and reminding me that happiness is mindset that I can choose to be. I love the idea of the coffee cup on top of the car, but in our town of 10,000…oh, why not?

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