Ok, I admit it. I enjoy some of my motivational speaker jobs more than others. Working with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota was one of the dates that I loved.

Why? There were several reasons. I really enjoyed that I got a tour of the Mayo campus from two of the top financial guys. They really helped me to understand the culture that makes their workplace unique. In addition, I got to share a couple of meals with Mayo meeting planners. Again, this time with them really helped me to connect with them and with the Clinic.

mayo clinic meeting planner

And they are great people. They taught me all about the importance of high school hockey, about the freezing winters and best of all, gave me some terrific tips for making Hot Dish. (Ahh…. the Minnesota favorite! Yum.)

It was a fun job: I was working for one of the most famous health care organizations in the world, but they didn’t want me for my experience as a health care speaker. They wanted me for my experience as a finance speaker; I was hired to speak for 1300 folks from their finance department.
The room where I spoke was beautiful. And I mean beautiful. It was open and spacious while at the same time cozy. And the huge cool banners of the Mayo founders was a fun touch. I know, it’s small, but speaking in a nice venue helps make my job easy.

What else? The audio visual stuff was perfect. This may sound like a small thing, but it isn’t. Having excellent lights and sound help make the speech a success in ways the audience will never understand. It’s crucial…and in Rochester it was perfect.

In addition, my brother was with me. He was working in Minnesota and managed to swing his business trip around my road trip. He was there at the speeches with me which was very cool. Hanging with the big brother? How Cool Is That?!

Mostly though, I’d have to end where I started. mayo clinic meeting plannerThe people I worked with were first class, and I was proud as punch to be part of the Mayo team, even if only for the day.

Thanks Ted, Leslie, Mort and the rest of the Mayo Finance gang!



PS. Yup, I agree that it’s the can of soup that makes that Hot Dish sizzle. Making some tonight!

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