Mark Scharenbroich is a Funny Motivational Speaker (Too!)

A Motivational Speaker on YOUR QUARANTINE

Motivational speaker Mark Scharenbroich is a very funny fellow.  He’s also a good friend.

In this live interview, we cover what it’s like to be a speaker during quarantine, whether he is doing any virtual online motivational speaker gigs, and what’s up with the chickens.  (He has a new chicken run and coop.)

Mark is based in Minnesota, and has more or less moved up north to his cabin to wait out the pandemic (and feed the chickens.)

One of my favorite parts of this discussion was learning about the dues he’s paid by performing for thousands of schools and high school audiences.  He learned quick, learned to adjust, and honed a very difficult job by working out the kinks.

He now speaks to corporate groups across the country.

Thanks Mark. It was a total pleasure!!!


Humorous Motivational Speaker.

Mark Scharenbroich is a Funny Motivational Speaker (Too!)
Mark Scharenbroich is a Funny Motivational Speaker (Too!)
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

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