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Win a free subscription to my Hooked on Humor audio series simply by posting a caption to the photo below:

Caption Contest — Win a Prize!

Win a copy of Hooked on Humor simply by posting a funny caption.
Winning is easy peasy:
1. Post a caption (and read the others) here on my blog. (Scroll Down!)
2. We’ll have two winners. The author of the funniest caption, and another winner chosen randomly from all entrants. (So if your idea isn’t that funny, post one anyway. Who knows?!)
3. There’s no third one. See? It’s easy.


So what are you waiting for. Scroll down and leave a funny caption to the photo as a comment below.
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  1. Greg Ostravich
    Greg Ostravich says:

    So talented she can sing a rock concert to thousands of fans, and clean a toilet bowl simultaneously.

  2. Kathy Carpenter
    Kathy Carpenter says:

    I’m so funky!

    Do I see a run in your pantyhose?

    Hey baby, what’s shakin?

    She really digs me!

    My sign language is a little rusty but I’m saying ” I’m an animal, animal.”

  3. Tyler W
    Tyler W says:

    Sadly, Brad couldn’t have picked a worse time to demonstrate his apparent world-renown “Buck Roger’s Spaceship Dogfight” impression.

  4. Leslie Kelsay
    Leslie Kelsay says:

    It was a simple request: Brad, light the fire baton. But could you just do it? Just flip your Bic and light the baton? Noooooooooo.

  5. Bron Roberts
    Bron Roberts says:

    Bathrooms were crowded during the break
    Queue’s were so long even we wait
    It’s getting painful
    Wee need to go go
    Stars must have bathrooms
    Or you get no show!

  6. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually here with…. LADY GAGA!!!!

    I can’t wait to blog about this experience!!!

  7. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    That so sweet of her to have special people on her stage…you have the white guy who thinks he is special (too bad wrong kind of special), the black guy in tight tight 80’s jeans doing lunges, and then the magical gaga with her wand controlling the fans…sad what our society has come to lol

  8. Jack Jobe
    Jack Jobe says:

    The glasses – I’m holding out for #5 but 3 looks best on you.

    PS: IF you are ready to laugh, Jacquie and I premier on NatGeo’s “Doomsday Preppers” Tuesday (3-27).

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