Broncos Legend (& Motivational Leadership Speaker) Karl Mecklenburg Live!

Karl Mecklenburg is a legend in Colorado Sports.  His credentials and accolades as a pro football are amazing.  Ring of Fame.  Team Captain. 3 Super Bowls.  Played 7 positions. Pro Bowl.  You name it.

But he is also a VERY talented leadership motivational speaker.  He’s REALLY good.

In this interview we talk about football, confidence, family, his speaking business. But we also talk about more random things including his daughter’s soccer team, what he listens to in the car, and what are his thoughts about smack talk.

He’s a very talented guy.  He’s a great interview.  And lucky me, he’s a friend.

I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too .  Thanks Karl!

Broncos Legend (& Motivational Leadership Speaker) Karl Mecklenburg Live!
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is a motivational speaker too…he’s also a Broncos fan. And he’s a huge fan of Karl.

Brad speaks across the country and around the world.  Both as a live motivational keynote speaker, and now — because of the pandemic — as an online motivational speaker.
If you’re having an event, and want to get your people to where you feel they need to be, Brad can help.  He speaks to the people side of business, with a special emphasis on social and emotional support as they relate to performance. He speaks to groups in insurance, health care, education and more.  Give us a call and we’ll talk about how to customize a presentation to rock your event.

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