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Do your Social Workers Need a Boost?

I just was a motivational speaker in Binghamton New York for an organization called Greater opportunities. This is an organization in support of very good people in giving professions. Social workers. Child welfare folks. Women infants and children’s people.  And dozens of related jobs in support of populations who desperately need their help. They are all quasi-government people who make their living helping other people.

After such a tough year last year this group needed a boost… And as a funny motivational business speaker I was glad to take that call.

I was hired to help re-energize this team. Their engagement had dropped because all of them were at or beyond the burnout point. They were exhausted. Their jobs are difficult and because of Covid things became even more taxing. My job is to help them with some ideas and tactics to help raise their resilience, decrease the burnout, and even boost their scientifically measurable level of happiness and wellness of being.

The short scoop is that it was a total hoot. I love my job with every audience, but I confess that some audiences are even more fun. And this audience was responsive, open to new ideas, and ready to laugh. I was really sorry when it was over. And the very kind standing ovation they gave me made me feel that the the feeling was mutual.

Here’s the thing. Motivational speaker is a weird job title.

And I’ve never thought it was accurate. I think it’s nearly impossible for an outsider to come in and motivate a group to do pretty much anything. But I strongly believe that the right speaker can help remove some of the obstacles we put in our lives that prevent us from

 motivating ourselves. We can give ideas that people, if they’re open to it, can act on in order to make their lives better.

And this is exactly the strategy I had with this group of social workers.

To summarize, I taught them about the science behind emotional and social support. Studies teachers that everybody enjoys receiving social and emotional support. But we rarely focus on the fact that said he’s also tell us that people enjoy offering social and emotional support to others. And here comes the mind numbing bombshell::  the giver of social and emotional support receives more than the recipient of that support.

My job with this group was to remind them that they are doing good work. My job is to reconnect them with their greater Purpose and Meaning 

in a way that might help offset the fact that they are genuinely exhausted. My job is to remind them that they are significant people doing significant work, and although that fact does not negate the difficulties of their jobs it really helps make their jobs interesting and even fun.

But finally, because nobody wants to sit and listen to a talking head – even a talking head with some good ideas – my job was to make it fun. So to that end I used story, humor, interactivity, and participation on steroids in order to make my time with these people feel like it flew by. And it did. Not just for them but for me. This job was an absolute total blast.

I’d love it if you notice there is a testimonial for my job in this motivational video. I’m proud of the fact that my clients are VERY happy they hired me.  And my hope is that their satisfaction will further demonstrate the level of guarantee for success I offer with my motivational keynotes.

Let’s talk!  Do you have an audience of social workers who need a boost? Do you believe that investing in your people is the smartest thing you can do to improve your bottom line (whether or not your bottom line refers to profit or nonprofits.).  If you believe that your people are your most valuable asset let’s talk about customizing and experience to make your meeting or convention a raging and funny success.

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Bio of a Motivational Speaker For Social Workers

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