I just sent this postcard out to some of my top clients.  I think it is funny…. after all, if these guys don’t need a motivational speaker, who does? Sheesh, I’ve had some fun watching the campaign, and tons of fun mocking it. But now I’m ready for it to be over.

Quiz: Can you tell by these photos who I really support?  Obama?  McCain? Let me know (by commenting below) who I support and how you can tell) and the winner will FREE receive a subscription to Hooked On Humor.

Thanks Kids. Either way, we’re nearly done. The polls will tell us who will win the election. Now….who’s gonna win the quiz? Take a chance and comment below.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Quiz Giver, Political Hack

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  1. Melissa Hightower
    Melissa Hightower says:

    It has to be McCain, because if Obama is elected there will not be any businesses left for you to motivate/entertain, or at least after the tax hikes they won’t have any money to pay you!

  2. Marc
    Marc says:

    You support John McCain because (a) there’s more room for motivational speaking improvement on the Republican ticket and (b) you like a challenge !

  3. Katie McClellan
    Katie McClellan says:

    I think you support McCain because you look genuinely cheerful with him and it shows in your eyes, smile, and body language — you are holding his hand tightly and have your arm around his waist. You are only standing beside O’bama and your eyes are not smiling.


  4. Beth
    Beth says:

    You so hate McCain and you admire Obama. You are laughing at poor McCain. He wishes he knew what you know about motivational speaking! On the other hand, you admire Obama so even though you are smiling you are a little shy around him. He is, after all, a great motivational speaker himself.

  5. George Walther, CSP, CPAE
    George Walther, CSP, CPAE says:

    Obviously, you think McCain is a joke, as do all clear-thinkers. You’re surely an Obama supporter, as I’ve always found you to be nutty, but not nuts.

  6. PISH
    PISH says:

    Jim Piscioneri
    Medical/comic relief

  7. Terrance Van Horne
    Terrance Van Horne says:

    Brad … you look like you are enjoying each of these leaders in different ways. From the pictures, I’d say you will vote for Mr. Obama because the two of you seem to be on the same page. You both look as if you are enjoying the scene but with a tone of respect proportionate to the matter at hand.

    It’s a bitt cooler than with Mr. McCain who you seem to be over the top with. Whichever way you vote, I’m sure both you and these men enjoyed themselves and came away with some new insights about yourselves and each other.

    Regards … Terrance

  8. Robert Montgomery
    Robert Montgomery says:

    I can’t tell who he supports by looking at the photos. He’s my son, however, and I know the secret. But I’m not telling.


  9. Jim (Sterling Hgts - Michigan)
    Jim (Sterling Hgts - Michigan) says:

    You’re supporting Obama. The picture with McCain was taken in an office setting where it appears you went as an invite/photo shoot (thinking that McCain was funny and he didnt), while with Obama, it was at a support rally where you worked your magic along with his, on the supporters, and both of you appear to be on the same page.

  10. margie towle
    margie towle says:

    mccain!!! sure hope so…you seem to be enjoying [supporting] him and talk about experience [mccain!]…palin has much more than obama..who is barack??? many too many unanswered questions re past….and right under our noses…who has been financing him…why the move to chicago??? etc etc

  11. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    First, right about now I wish it WAS Brad! Since that’s not going to happen, I’m pretty sure you’re supporting Obama because I know that you were for Hilary in the primaries so it pretty much goes without saying…

  12. Laura
    Laura says:

    Obama seems happy to have your support. McCain may be slipping some cash into your back pocket . . . how much did your vote cost?

  13. Patty/Trish Yonts
    Patty/Trish Yonts says:

    Nice job on the photos – looks like you were really with each of the candidates. I’m not sure Obama needs a motivational speaker. I think he is a motivational speaker – he’s just not very funny! I’m sure glad this election is almost over. I am sick of the commercials.

  14. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    Pretty creative answers. So far we are still looking for a winner though. : )


  15. Michael Cushman
    Michael Cushman says:


    Clearly, McCain did not think the joy-buzzer handshake was very funny. That’s soooo 1950s.

    Obviously, Obama is the man. How else can you explain why you had yourselves surgically attached with blue steel girders through the base of your skulls. Ouch! The things people will do for love.

    Or maybe those are internet connections and Senator Ted Stevens is right: the internet IS a “series of tubes”!

  16. Anne
    Anne says:

    There are some things a college roommate just knows. And I know that you would only vote for McCain and Palin if your body had been overtaken by pod people. Also, it looks like McCain is giving you a wedgie.

  17. Daryl
    Daryl says:

    Hi Brad, I do the watch-stealing routine in my comedy magic act too! Look at that! McCain doesn’t even know it’s gone. So I’m guessing Obama. By the way, even in down-town Hobart Tasmania Australia we are watching your election results with interest. Cheers. Daz from Taz

  18. Eva Abreu
    Eva Abreu says:

    I think it’s Hillary! Why? The answer isn’t in the pictures. Dad’s comment was that even he couldn’t tell by the photos. In Brad’s post from April (“My Presidential Choice Revealed!”) Hillary is mentioned and she’s the top photo (top choice?). Brad’s comment at 8:57pm tonight says that he’s still looking for a winner, so I think it’s neither Obama nor McCain.

  19. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    I’d say right now Hilary needs a motivational speaker herself. Must suck to be her.

    But nope…she isn’t the answer. : )

    — Brad Montgomery

  20. Mike
    Mike says:

    You support McCain because the meeting took place in a private setting (judging from the background), whereas the meeting with Obama took place in a public setting. Which means, you were either invited to an intimate gathering, or McCain actually came to your home. Either option would be unlikely unless you are a supporter of McCain. Also, you are holding McCain’s hand. The picture does not reveal whether you shook Obama’s hand or not. And finally, as mentioned by many others, you look much more excited in the McCain picture.

  21. Sujata
    Sujata says:

    I think, Obama. You look very artifical in your picture with McCain. In your picture with Obama you both look friendly and relaxed

  22. Rob Hentschel
    Rob Hentschel says:

    You support Brad Montgomery :)

    I can tell that he paid you to make the postcard, it has his web address on it. And besides, he (and his clients) are the ones who will benifit by it.


  23. Annette
    Annette says:

    Well, I am thinking you are for Obama b/c in both pictures you are wearing the exact same suit and white shirt but you also have a predominately “blue” tie on. You are always smiling, as we should all be, so that is not the key. Which I find funny b/c Obama is wearing a Red tie. I think he secretly wishes he was a Republican too. Happy voting!

  24. Palmo
    Palmo says:

    Obama – because McCain is try to punch you in the stomach but fortunately, due to your cat-like and ninga response, you manage to grab his fist just milli-seconds before he delivers that Bruce Lee death blow to your mid-section (because you were trying to steal his watch)

  25. Palmo
    Palmo says:

    McCain – because you just PhotoShop’d yourself with Obama – anyone can tell that the light being cast on your face is from a studio spot light from some secret sound stage in California – where they faked the moon landing

  26. Allen
    Allen says:

    I think that you are a supporter of Obama. You are laughing in the picture of you standing next to McCain because you think that it is funny that anyone would think that you would really support McCain.

  27. Larry Weygand
    Larry Weygand says:

    It wouldn’t be funny if you were for Obama-he has no humor as evidenced by he and your facial expressions. Also, you are shaking McCain’s hand and laughing with him, which would indicate a preferance for McCain. Use your Xcel Energy billing slip as “proof of citizenship” and vote often!

  28. Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery
    Motivational Speakers: Brad Montgomery says:

    I just voted. : ) Can you guess who I voted for and why? Nobody one yet. : )

    — Brad

  29. Klaus Jakobsen
    Klaus Jakobsen says:

    The McCain photo has old pictures in the background, which tells this guy is history. In the Obama photo there is a “blue stairway” in the background which could be a metafor – a bridge leading us into the future.

  30. Jason Peck
    Jason Peck says:

    You’re ALL wrong. It’s Ralph Nader! He’s the only one that Brad isn’t posing with… so there.

  31. Annette
    Annette says:

    Since you haven’t stated who you were for, I can only imagine that you have gone into mourning over the loss of the campaign. I know there are a lot of people who feel the same.

    From re-looking at the photos I will have to agree that they look like you photo shopped yourself into the pictures, is this part correct?

    Either way, the election is now over and we all need to come together and work as a nation, without party lines (I find that funny in itself). Let’s pray that the next 4 years are good years for ALL Americans.

  32. Craig
    Craig says:

    Okay, enough with the build up. What’s the punch line? Surely good humorists know how far to milk the joke and when to let the audience release all that built-up tension.

  33. susan schulman
    susan schulman says:

    Well the election’s over but your question is still on the site so I hope I’m not too late to win a free subscription. I think you supported Obama because you tilted the photo so that he’s higher, sort of in a rulership position. Whereas McCain’s photo is tilted down on his side, and you’re holding on to him as though McCain’s hand needs to be held to make sure he doesn’t get out of control.


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