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Brad Montgomery Live with High School Teachers

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood High School Teachers

Craig Young & Barry Morrato on What it's like to be a HS Teacher During a Pandemic.

Barry Morrato and Craig Young have a lot in common.  They both were rock stars in the corporate world before they quit the big money to become high school science teachers.   They both teach in non-traditional schools that cater to underserved communities.   Oh, and they are both friends.

I wanted to get into what is REALLY happening with teaching during Covid.  Are the kids learning — and if so are they learning much?  What is it like to teach to a screen of turned-off cameras, and what are some of the challenges that us muggles might not know about.

As a motivational speaker for educators I’ve worked for educators, teachers, school districts and even school systems.  I’m used to talking with and to teachers.  And as a funny motivational speaker I don’t mind telling you that when I speak to the DIFFICULT side of teaching I get the biggest laughs.

To be honest, I was not expecting this interview to go the way it did.  It was better.  Way better.  In spite of the fact that these guys have more kids that don’t show up, that need to be tracked down, that rarely turn on their cameras — and when they do they make sure their teacher cannot see them in the screen — and the fact that it is REALLY hard to create personal relationships with students you haven’t really met, they are both jazzed, enthusiastic, and loving teaching.

Yeah, it’s hard, they say.  But they are doing it.  They are perhaps reaching a marginally smaller percentage  of kids this year.  But mostly it’s working.  Mostly they are making progress.  Mostly education is still happening.

We had some laughs, I learned a bunch, and I got to ask some silly questions.  But mostly I was reminded that teachers are heroes.

Thanks Guys…it was a pleasure!

Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery Live with High School Teachers
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