Yippee!  Nothing warms the heart like letters from happy clients.  I was a motivational speaker in California recently, and received this REALLY nice letter from my clients.  Aw Shucks!   I’m proud to say that a HUGE portion of work comes from word-of-worth from past clients.  I’m proud of that fact.

Here’s the letter…thanks again Christina!


I wanted to write and thank you once again for coming out to Los Angeles last week to speak to our guests.

As we discussed, our industry, like many others, has been hard hit by the economy. We struggle each day to hit targets trying to sell a product that many people just cannot afford. Our organization is made up of a variety of individuals from various companies and although each of us faces different struggles each day, you somehow managed to touch each person in that room in one way or another. You had everyone laughing and still managed to get a very important point across.

I know I personally left with one very clear goal: find my “how cool is that” moments each and every day. I am proud to say that I am doing just that. You really have made a difference in not only my outlook, but others as well. The day after you spoke at our meeting, several attendees emailed me just to tell me that they left that room feeling 110% better than when they walked in. Another individual said that for one hour, we were able to get away from our desks and really sit and enjoy each other’s company, realize are lives really aren’t that bad, and listen to a truly outstanding speaker.

CAIP holds an event like this each year, but generally we choose industry related individuals to speak on very dry, mundane topics. Although truly educational, people generally really only attend because they earn CE credits (we need them to maintain a license to do what we do…technical mumbo jumbo). This was the first year people walked out with a smile, thanked us for putting on such a great event, and stated that they were looking forward to next year. THIS WAS A FIRST! And I know it was because of you; for that, we thank you.

Brad, it was a pleasure working with you and your staff. I truly hope that we will meet again at another event in which you have once again been asked to put a smile on our faces, which I know you will succeed at doing!

Thank you again!


C. Findley  CAIP

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your event — whether or not you’re in California — give us a call.  We’ll learn more about your event and work up a proposal about  how we might help get your group to where they need to be.

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