Yes, I did sneak in. No, I didn’t get caught. On a recent road trip I was flying from a speech in Grand Junction, Colorado to a speech in Montana, and had to lay over for 5 long hours in Denver’s Airport.

As you might know, United Airlines has a posh “Red Carpet Club” where they dispense free coffee, offer comfy chairs, and work stations where you can charge your laptops and work in peace.

I wanted in. But I’m not a member. Yet I got in.

I just approached a guy entering the club, and asked him if he’d take me in as his guest. (Each member can take in a guest or two at no charge to them.) I smiled. I must have seemed harmless. So he agreed and took me in. And then we went our separate ways. (The club in Denver is BIG.)

What was the best part? The free coffee? Nope. The fact that I really needed to crank on some emails and now had the perfect spot? Nope. The fact that I had a peaceful retreat from the mahem of the airport? Nope.

The best part was the fact that felt like I “snuck” in. I loved it. I felt like a kid who was enjoying the euphoria of ditching school. I was just in a happy mood….for no good reason. I mean the Club is nice…but it isn’t paradise. But by sneaking in, it felt that way.

Do I recommend that you do the same. By no means. (Do it!) You should never be dishonest. (Do it!) That Club is meant for members and ACTUAL guest. (Do it!)

It’s fun. And it makes you feel like a kid.


PS. United Airlines, if you are reading this, I didn’t really do it. Really. Seriously. I never would. Honest! (It’s hard to type with your fingers crossed.)

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