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As a professional motivational speaker, I like to create words that connect a concept to an action. Re-mindfulness is my current favorite. The concept of re-mindfulness is this: you really don’t need more information, but instead need to be reminded of a way to make sense out of the information you already have.

We are all busy and overwhelmed and it’s easy to dismiss things that we already know. Here’s a classic example using a real cliche—treat others well. Complement each other, treat people with kindness and remember that the most important thing in your business is your people.

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When you hear these cliches, it’s really easy to check them off and move on to something else.  But re-mindfulness is a concept which asks you to stop and remind yourself not only WHAT those concepts mean, but HOW you are going to implement those ideas.  

The short story is this—the next time you see one of those cliches about those bigger better truths about motivation and positivity, instead of just passing it over, stop and embrace it.  Apply it to that big negotiation you are about to have, or how to handle that conflict with one of your friends or family members. Remind yourself to treat people well and let that influence how you interact with your employees, your team, your manager or your peers.

Stop, embrace re-mindfulness, apply it to yourself, your problems, your day, your challenges your people.  And remind yourself of this: treating others well has benefits for all involved.  

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is a top motivational speaker who has been delivering funny keynote addresses for more than three decades. Brad’s inspirational message has helped hundreds of businesses improve their bottom line. He offers audience members concrete strategies and take aways that they can use immediately to improve themselves. Call 303-691-0726 today to find out more.

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